2008-07-16, 7:36 p.m.

Ohmygawd, feels as if I haven't posted in a VERYVERY long time again. Lols :)

I'm sort of feeling the stress now. I don't understand shit about what that KMM is talking about. I want Mrs Tan back :( she's the best Math teacher <3

Mr. Teoh is fine! Haha, was very scared of him, so kinda like didn't dare to ask questions and stuff, but he's actually prettttty nice! Hahaha :)

And the list goes on. :)

So, History this Friday, & I'm so gonna die. Lols :) my notes aren't even completed yet, & I haven't started memorising them or something. Kinda screwed :D

Mok, loooooooook forward to seeeing you in school tmr! <3

And I'm so NOT in love with Xuan. I just find her extremely adorable, & I'm proud to say that Elisa shares my views. So why is everyone thinking that I'm crushing her?!
Clarification : I DO NOT CRUSH HER. -.-

Yep, but she's extremely and totally adorable <3 Hahaha :)

I want to cope with Chem. I want to cope with Math. That's all. But it's sooo difficult. Crap life.

Stupid Sherylynn still pissed with me, pretty amused, but I shan't say nothing :D

I went to shoot on Monday! <3 Cus Athena & Sheryl came back, then we went to see the netballers train, & Athena asked Sng if she could borrow one ball, so we played 'Netball' together :) haven't touched the ball in ages, but it doesn't seem like I've lost touch :D

I can suddenly feel everything piling up onto me, suffocating me from all directions. No, I am not kidding. On top of that, I have to finish up the chores at home. & that stupid Sapph threatened me to mop the floor tmr, otherwise she'll study in the Library. Er, BIG DEAL? As if I can't stay in school and not go home. -.- Gosh, if she thinks I'm really going to get 'frightened' by that little scare, she's got to be pulling her own leg.

After I post, I have to practise my chem equations. & then finish up my History notes. Check out what a life I lead <3 -.-

Feel as if time is passing too quickly. It's passing so quickly, I don't feel like a living being anymore. A living being is supposed to go through 24h a day, but I feel as if I'm only going through 12h a day.

This life. Is taking its toll on me.

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