2008-08-01, 11:49 p.m.

Fridayyyyyy :) love Fridays, no particular reason, don't ask why :D

Usual, CT was easy but difficult. PE was kinda fun. RECESS WAS EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING. English with Prabbs was excellent. Chinese at the end was stupid and slackish, cus the test turned into a practice with our teacher feeding us all the answers. -.-

Had Science Presentation after that. :) then went off, put bag, look for Moks. Then went to Tricia's class to meet Kailin & her, and 'we' started joking around. I think I was relatively quiet most of the time. 0.o it feels awkward, I mean, seeing that I'm not really part of their clique. Then I took 4 videos of the both of them doing extremely hilarious acts. :D Mok has it as well. Lalalala~ feel like posting onto youtube, but I think if I do that, Tricia will be after my blood. Lols :)

So yeah, they had to do their artwork thingy while I was slacking all by myself there :D laughing at their jokes occasionally. Then Letian & Ner came after that, so they stayed as well :) it was a fun fun day :)

Then after that, we went to the Fam Lounge to slack [usual people]. Then had so much fun. LOL. Oh, then we walked to the HolyCorner of the Fam Lounge and stated telling Mok ghost stories. Then when it was like 715, the sky was turning dark, and Kailin was like "Can we go." Mok & I were like "Yeah", then instinctively, all of us ran. LOL. :)
Met Ps & Jj at the Father Barre, so I went home with them! :D

Oh, thanks Ner, for going in place of me tmr. :) I owe you one!

& yeah, sorry to Juan & Ner, I forgot about my shoulder. Sapph said I cannot go, cus my shoulder isn't fixed yet =/ sorry.

OH AND Y'KNOW YDAY, it was so random, Xuan suddenly smsed saying 'Hello,mok said she wasn't sad today" or something like that. IT WAS SO RANDOM. But it totally cheered me up :) I mean, it was the first time she smsed me! :D
Oh, then I wanted to ask her something, but I thought it'd be better to wait till today, so I told her I'll look for her after school, and it turned out that they went to Science Centre today. -.-" I WAS LIKE, half-pissed, half-amused, cus she was soooooooo blur. :) so yeah, I couldn't help asking "Why do you blame yourself for every match you lose." or something like that, and then she STOPPED REPLYING, so I thought she was like pissed with me or something [Mok told me to not ask her once], so I hurriedly typed something like "Xuan, I'm so so sorry. Etcetc" AND THEN, again, it turns out that she was doing experiments, so she couldn't reply. -.- seriously felt like punching her, but I doubt I could :) & the whole time I was trying to imagine her in the white robe thing. Hahahaha :) Mok also said she'd loooook so cute. :D

Then like just now, I typed 2 rubish smses to her [Sorry], & I seriously didn't know what i was writing as well, it just came to me and I typed everything out, but I think she'll just delete it or something. Gahhh, I shouldn't have been the one to sms her at all. =/ so retarded. AND SHE DIDN'T REPLY. Okay that was so random, couldn't help it.

And er, sorry Mok, but I felt that I just had to ask her why. If not working well with the team is all, then all she needs is time. But if it's something else [which I think it is], then she probably needs.. MORE time. Hahahhaa ;)

Might watch PromNight tmr :D:D:D shall see if I have the mooooood. Hurhur :)

Okay, probably sleeping soon or something. Dead beat =/ nearly fell asleep while watching Ghost Whisperer just now, and the episode was NICE :)

Good luck for Round 2 tmr, B'div! You guys are gonna do great great great! :)

Takecare everyone,
Yihui <3

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