2008-08-06, 5:32 p.m.


Yday was uber fun :) let me elaborate.

Juan, Sherms & I was supposed to go for tauhuay, but then we all felt lazy, so we decided to just stay in school to eat. Then we went to the playground to talk, and then we felt bored and hot, so we made our way to the nb court (my request xD) and it was EMPTY :D so then I started throwing Juan's shoes as a ball. LOL. It was hilarious! At first she was like "Don't throw my shoes la! :(" then after awhile, I said "Na, Juan. Go try." THEN SHE THREW HER OWN SHOES. LOL.
Then after that she said she'll get ball for me, so I returned her her shoes. Then we walked together to get ball [so much for the "I help you go get ball luh! ....... Go with me la~"] & we saw Angelique! Hahaha, she's so cute la :)
So we got ball, then we started playing & training our muscles. We did 3 sets of suicides some more! :) it's damn tiring =/ dono how the netballers do after trng de. Lols :) & then we played and played :) ultra fun :D

Was supposed to go today again with Ners, but then she couldn't make it again, & we had to decorate our board, AND THAT SHERMS WENT TO SUPPORT HOCKEY -.-, so we went to eat and decorate board. Hahaha :) but I wanna go again soon!! It's so fun :)
& I scared Mok today! LOL :)

She's gonna be like gone for 3 days! First day's over, but I have like THURSDAY AND FRIDAY =/ this sucks :( I wanna go for st also!! :(

Gonna miss her soooooo much >< but I saw her today! Before she left, during the briefing :) she was so cute! <33

Friday's party still on! Woooots :) getting excited xD

Need to start on Geog today, dammit :(

This shall be it. BYE :)

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