2008-08-09, 2:09 a.m.

Wheeeee :) today was supermanzxz fun! :D
Okay it's supposed to be lights out by now, but I had to post this today :)

So we had the stupid National day thingy which was an obviously failed attempt, so after that we headed to Swee's house. Waited for the rest to come, & then we started playing twister. I made the forfeit! Some absolutely delicious drink by mixing / blending lots of veggie, carrots, lemons, lemonade, tomato, tobasco & WASABI :) I was so glad I wasn't playing. Hahaha :) loser team- Claire, Jolly, Roseanne [I think] & Cheryl :) made life easier for them, so I reduced the quantity by half xD

Then we had a good lunch~ xD then we went to the pool to talk about stuff. AT FIRST I INVITED SHARON ONLY, then Megan came out, & I was perfectly fine with that, then the TWINS CAME OUT, then Cheryl came out, THEN SWEE CAME OUT. So the whole crowd gathered at the pool -.-" then we started playing inside, & i was like crazying with Megan. Hahaha :) it was so fun, I tell you. Never got to know this side of Megan, like I always thought she was a very 'dao' & not-opened-up person, but it turned out that I had more fun with her than anyone else today :) hahaha :)
Did lots of stuff :D will keep in my memory! <3

& then we went up to bathe and stuff, & I started practising my steps. Not bad, got to the 4th count of 8 beats alr :) damn happy :D Swee got interested, so I taught her as well :)

Then they all left :( & then Cheryl left with Yvette since she's coming tmr :) Yvette was so funny, she was like "I wanna learn as well," but noone wanted to teach her. Hahahaha :)

Okay yeah that's about it. & I was like so shocked just now, never heard Sapph cried for so long, just now was half-shocked. Hahaha :) & I didn't realise that she was crying until like MINUTES later. Omg, how slow can I get. Hahahaha :)

CHEEEEEEEEEER UP LA :) keep faith :) anywayyy, I'll get a nicer pouch for you as a replacement. Or the identical one. OR MAKE ONE FOR YOU. Hahahaha :)

Okay, need to go watch finish my eps :D Nights <3

Takecare, Rozy!
Hope you're having fun in NY :)

<3 Yihui :)

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