2008-08-16, 12:32 a.m.

Okay so, yesterday was a digustingly horrid day. It was such an emo day after 215, everyone was feeling the tension in the classroom of 2Hope..

Anyway. I need to hand in this letter to Mrs Lee for leaving ld early :D & I did write it okay, I just forgot to bring it to school today. So crappy =/
In any case, it's good that I left ld early- didn't have anything to produce either. -.-

Dearest Marie Therese Pang is leaving for NJ next year :( I was so sad, for some reason, I just started tearing. No joke. & I wouldn't exactly consider Marie as my extremely good friend, but for some reason when she told me when she was accepted into NJ, I was so sad :( maybe it's because of the fact that it was because of her that kept me going for ld. Everytime when it's ld day [Thursday], I get damn siandiao. But then I think that Marie's going to go, so I just drag myself to ld. Honestly, I don't feel any motivation after she's gone next year :(
Okay but I got over it, and I am truly and really happy for her now. :)

Just finished watching High School Musical 2, IT'S THE BOMB MAN. The songs are awesome and the plot's great :) trying to learn Vanessa's part but it's DIFFICULT. It's like so hard to breathe by your diaphragm or whatever. GOSHHH. -.-"

Geog test was pretty easy today, I guess. Lost a maximum of 5m, if I got everyhing else right. I made such a stupid and careless mistake I could have kicked myself for it. -.-

Then we had to write a compo for English & Prabster had us plan for a couple of minutes before writing, AND SHE PRACTICALLY SENT ME TO MY DOOM BY DOING THAT. I screwed up the entire compo & I'm going to fail or do damn badly. =/

I think Shaoxuan's so cute. LOL. She raised her hand in class [I think], and then I waved to her from outside, and she used that hand to wave back. It was so cute :) & everytime she waves or smiles, it's as if she does it half-heartedly, as though she's not very sure if it's the right thing to do. It's so cute :)

But I am still not crushing her. UNFORTUNATELY :)

Okay, Sapph's away for chalet for a couple of days, so I shall book her room until she's back and my gran's gone FROM MY ROOM :)

Have to learn the songs! Going to bed after that :)

Congrats to Marie again :) well done. Will miss you awfully when you're gone <33


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