2008-09-20, 3:09 p.m.

Oops sorry, I said I hoped to post yday, but I was too busy to. Lol, =x

Just came back from a extremely filling lunch which cost us like 155 bucks. That was after 10% discount, so the original price was around 170? Lol, expensive, but nice xD I think this is my first time eating at a restaurant like this & us actually paying for the meal, instead of some birthday lunch/dinner crap. I lovedddd it :) going to earn money to buy myself meals when I grow up :D:D:D

Watched 2 eps yday I think, or one. :) considered quite productive! I finished my Geog reclamation map, history chapters 5 & 6 :) Okay quick recap of Geog :

1 : Boat Quay
2 : East Coast
3 : Changi
4 : Tuas
5 : Jurong Island
6 : Marina


I went to dl Hey Girl's album yday!! Some of their songs are realllllly nice! :):) they grew up! LOL. Esp Xiaojie, she looks uber chio now :)

Weird, I remember I had alot of things to post about.. Now I don't seem to know what I want to post. -.-

OH! Did I mention?! My new bed is ultra comfortable. & my room seems to have undergone this 360 degree change. LOL :)
Now I can admire the moon & the stars when I study at night :) really very comfortable :D

The Cyys sort of planning what to do for hols alr, told them to start preparing, but not extreme luh, yeah. Since stupid Yvette needs to uh, REVISE for eoys! -.-"

& I just realised I said this 2 posts ago : Okay la. I'll work hard! Then I'll do damn well for eoys and let everyone get a shock xD for Papa&Mama! & for 阿纬 & the rest of the 棒棒堂 members as well :D


But I don't seem to have really done it. I still have loads more chapters to do, but I just keep thinking of the didis :( love them so much :(:(

Many many things happened during this one week which I didn't post. Chatted with Cheok while waiting for her dad at the Father Barre about like, alot of things. Really very fun talking to her. She can get things across to you without hurting you & yet analysing everything perfectly at the same time. Lol :)

& other other other stuff. I need to stop getting annoyed with Denise. She's really a very good friend :) but she's getting sort of cling-ish. Or maybe I'm just imagining it. Lol. But I need to stop getting irritated with her & treasure this friendship!

Same logic as how I'd always put the Lyns friendship in my ♥

Oh, & we bought this 42 bucks cake just now at the hotel. LOL. At first we wanted to buy one small slice [$6], then my Mum came and said "Aiyo, so ex, don't buy la." Then my dad was like "They want to eat then let them buy la. It's not like we come here very often anyway." Then she looked abit, "Then buy the big one la. Cheaper." -.-" so we ended up buying the 1kg cake, picking that phrase out of the many sentences she said. LOL. :)

I really really REALLY need to work hard. For the sake of everyone around me! & I swore I'd let everyone get a shock at my results. & I will fulfill it.

Takecare everyone,


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