2008-09-19, 6:47 p.m.

Omg I just realised I haven't blogged for so longggggggg! OMG -.-

I always wanted to come up to blog, but then no time, or lazy to switch the comp on, or just some other stupid reasons like HAVEN'T FINISHED STUDYING.

Okay so MAJOR NEWS : LOLLIPOP WENT BACK UP ON MFBBT! TO TEACH THE NEW DIDIS HOW TO GET HIGH! Omg, I bet that episode, the views shot up again!! Lollipop rocks! & I was sucking the lollipop so hard today, I cut my tongue & now it's INJURED. Hahahaha :)

I went to plant orange seeds with Juan today! LOL!! Damn funny, we went around, running around actually, the fields outside our classrooms, THEN WE SCATTERED THE SEEDS after we finished out oranges, applying our 'dispersal of seeds' or something. It was a P6 topic, damn stupid :):) then we found out that oranges didn't grow in Singapore. LOL. She said some do, but not very likely. But ohwell, the fun was all that mattered :)

Been studying this whole week [THOUGH NOT VERY PRODUCTIVE]. I tell you my eoys are in less than 14 days but I'm still taking it easy. Omg, what if I retain. I'll just die or something. Omg -.-"

I really need to NOT sleep tonight. Have thousands of stuff not done. Hai :(:(

Besides that.. nothing much in school. Just that everyone's feeling the 'eoy' stress. Lol, except for Kim & me, I guess. Kinda hopeless.

Okay hope to blog again tonight in details! :)
Dinner nowwwwwww, [actually it was 10mins ago, but I didn't go out, lol. CUS MUMMY PISSED ME OFF, :(]

OH, by the way! Just to make you folks out there jealous! I SAW OLN'S YEARBOOK :D Ah, the cute people inside :)

Wheeeeee :) I LOVE LOLLIPOP <3

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