2008-11-20, 2:24 a.m.

Ahwell, this kinda sucks. I totally screwed everything up with Mok & Joan. Gahhh :( sorry Joan, didn't mean to put you in a spot. Sapph told me to ignore Mok, cus she's too pissed to see anything. Hai :(

I need to get Sapph's stupid birthday card tmr. Damn.

& I have a date with Ashley they all tmr. Damn ><

On a happier note, went kbox again today & I don't think it was so bad. Cheryl & Swee didn't seem as bored as before, lol. Yvette does a great job planning out the songs, hahaha :) the Mum treated us to kbox & lunch. Lol. Went to get Amos after that, then had dinner at Swee's house with them. Yvette's dad very kindly sent us home. Lol.

Omg I feel so shitty right now. I don't feel like going out tmr man. I WANT TO DROP DEAD. Okay I was kidding. & I just realised I didn't watch One Litre of Tears Special episode. Watched Part 1 yday & Part 2 just now. It was an episode of memories. Asou was recalling the memories as he told them to one of the younger patients. He looks cool with that doctor robe. Ako looked pretty too :) this episode kept the tears going. It's like watching everything again. Super touching :) at the very end, the subs went something like : This conveys a very simple yet strong msg- It's a joy to be alive. At the end of the show, Aya put her hand to her chest & said to herself, "Thump thump, I can feel my heart beating. I am..


Sigh, whyyyy man. Why did Aya have to die =/ thank god throughout that 10 years, Asou was with her ^^ her family was nice as well. I'm gonna watch One Litre of Tears again man. That show was great :)

Had a freaking hearttoheart with Sapph just now. Quite funny, lol. She told me she didn't understand what was my problem with Eddie's sms, so I'm gonna explain it in her birthday card. Wahaha :D

Okay, I want to sleep. Braces hurt like shit today.


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