2008-11-20, 11:33 p.m.

WWWHHHHEEEEEE :):) block catching was super fun with Ashley, Athena, Mag, Beatrice & Sngying today! Like really very very fun! :):)

OH, & I got stuck in the lift today. LOLLLLLL. Damn funny. But I wasn't even stuck! The door kinda closed on me, then it didn't move, then I kinda freaked out, called Sapph, read Breaking Dawn in the lift, then I heard Sapph outside, then she asked for the emergerncy no., dialed, then pressed the lift button outside, AND THE DOOR OPENED! LOL. It was so funny. So yeah, THANKS WOMAN.

Block catching was super fun! Trains stamina really well. & oh, I telll you, Athena's the best partner you can ever find for this game. She'll be like "Shh, walk quietly." or like "Don't hold the railings! They can see!" or like "Go one by one." She's like the pro man! Hahahahahah! :) but it was quite funny. Cus when Mag found us, I kinda slowed her down. Hahahaha :) run too slow, bleah :( sorry.

Then after that, THEY ALL CAME TO MY HOUSE. To eat & all that shit. I don't even understand -.- were they supposed to come to my house in the first place -.- but whatever. Went to the playground after that to play more catching! Hahahaha! Super fun :) I remember telling myself this afternoon : I'm so glad I came. Hahahaha :) otherwise I'd have been missing out on so much laughter! Hahahaha :)

Came home, bathed, ate my porridge again :( then uh. Yeah, called the Amore person too! Going to Thomson plaza with Cheryl tmr too! Poor Yvette has a jab, Swee might be coming. Woohhhhh :) to check out Amore. Yeahbaby~! Finally taking up dance classes again! Freaking exciteddd :):) my dancing passion seems to be ignited whenever I watch Ahwei dance! He's the motivation man :D

& oh just now, when I was learning the Superman dance, my sis came into my room & then said "Did you send anything to my phone?" Then I was like Huh no, then she played the song : Superman. & I WAS LIKE WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT SONG, LOL. Then she did the "Yeah wo shi Superman" part with me, but she looked utterly retarded. Hahaha :) so spastic :D

OKAY, don't feel like posting anymore. I wanna pig on my Amos cookies. Damn, seeya :):)

Yihui <3

P.S. Happy Birthday dumb Sapph :D you're 20 in another 15 more mins!

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