2009-02-20, 9:40 p.m.

Omg another week just passed by again like this. OMG!! Time's passing way tooooo fast. By the time we get used to our surroundings, Os' will be over >< ohno. I hate this :(

Tests & more tests, not that I'm doing fabulously well, but I guess it's just in me. Getting so depressed, day after day, cus of my results. & Denise, you're seriously NOT making it any better by asking me if I'm alright or not. You're just making it worse. Maybe it's just you. Maybe it applies to everyone. I don't know, just leave me alone, gosh -.- you are one root of my troubles. Thanks.

& alot of other rubbish things that's piling up one by one. Full council meeting today. Ugh. But had badminton with them today, so not so bad. Released lots of stress. I'm so happy now, lol. At least, for the time being. Haven't started on homework yet. Ahhh~

Then. Lihmaan cried yday. Damn shocked. I thought she won't cry in front of me. Then omg la, I wanted to cry also, but now I'm thinking I cannot be so loser. My tears shouldn't just come out like that. It's kinda precious, lol. & I read in the lit passage, "Tears doesn't take away your sorrow. It feeds someone else's joy. Which is why you must learn to swallow your tears." I keep saying that to myself whenever I'm about to break down.

I really need. To do something. For everyone around me. & I think I'm going to do it tmr. This is getting nowhere. I'm receiving so much from the people around me, but all I'm doing for them is NOTHING. Gosh :( sucks ttm. Kay, better do it tmr. Since there're no tests next week ^^

Loads of things to say. Like. Zoey. Omg la. It's driving me up the wall. I never thought of what came with having such an awesome godsis. It means, making time for her, etc. & what the hell, it's not like I don't have enough stuff on my hands alr. Omg -.- I was so dumb. But whatever, I WILL FACE EVERYTHING WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET. I JUST REALISED THAT IT'S REALLY HARD TO ACHIEVE. OMGOSH -.- rah. I hate myself.

Baby cheer up kay. You can cry in front of me.. maybe two months later, since you said yday that once you cry, you won't cry for a very long time. Hahahha :) hopefully the next time your tears come down, I'll still be here for you ^^ jiayou <3

I think I'm falling sick alr. My throat is hurting like crap. Uncomfortable >< okay but still. After I finish bathing. I still have to do work. Hopefully, I can do most of it over the weekends :D

Man, life sucks now. Thank god, for all my smashing besties who're with me. Thanks you guys, for always being here for me. I'll try to think positive from now on. & laugh when I have to. I think it's really the best medicine one can offer.

& Sapph just told me a REALLY interesting fact today during dinner- when you hug someone, it stimulates some kinda chemical in your body which comforts you, which is why hugs are supposed to work, lol :) so cool!!

Anw, long post. I'm going to stop here. I love you guys!! <3 INCLUDING! Kerrui! I love her like my sis la! I wish I had a sis like that <3 love Kerrui, hahaha! I love Shirlyn too!! She's so funny :) reminds me strongly of Sharon :) but ohwell! They're different, I know, but Shirlyn still amuses me no end :) thanks <3 I LOVE SHIRLENETOH TOOOO!! LOL. Didn't forget about you kay :) she's so damnn awesomeeeeeee <3 love her ttm. Hahaha! I wanna go see their matches!! But the christchurch one is on THURSDAY :( & I can't just skip ld. Rahhh sucks. Bleah :(

I need to bathe. Sapph hurry up -.- I need to WAKE UP. Hahaha :) throat very painnn :( rah. Okay, hopefully it'll get better by Monday ><

Happy belated, Mok! Didn't post yday, so couldn't wish you happy birthday =x

Yay, life will get better. Keep faith, keep trust.

Plus, believe to achieve :D


Yihui <3

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