2009-03-07, 12:05 a.m.

Omg it's Friday alrrrrr =/ time is seriously passing too quickly :( Sherms & I were just talking on Monday, about how time's passing so quickly, & before we know it, it's Friday again. End of Week 9, beginning of Week 10 of Term 1. Gosh :( at this rate, we'll be Sec4s in no time!! :( hate this. Thank god I have my people around me :)

I don't know how life can be so crappy. Neither do I understand how life can be so enjoyable at the same time. It's really a mixture of emotions which cannot be explained or described. I'm hating life cus, of my grades, my tests, my screwed social circle, lol. But at the same time, I have so many people bringing joy and support to me :) it's so weird. But whatever it is, I'm not complaining ^^ having them is more than enough.

Talked with Zoey today. Finally got things ironed out. Maybe not entirely, but yep, I think we've got the foundation done. At least, I know what her thoughts are. Or so I think -.-

Went for dinner at Hub with Mok & the kids. Omg la, Shirlyn was hilarious :) she was chattering non-stop in PepperLunch, hahaha :) then she wasn't exactly feeling cold, but she was still like, shivering & stuff. Hahahha :) Rui came back :) After going to her daddy's car. He's sooo nice la :) hahah :D ohwell, not complaining again :) I think it was quite fun, seriously :) maybe we should go for dinner next Friday again. BUT I PISSED MOK OFFFFF :( SO SORRY!! Unintentional, I swear. Sorry =x & I'm sorry, Heidi, I hope I didn't make things worse =/ sorry.

This week has been. Busy, chaotic, fun, sleepy [HAHAHA], plus alot of other adjectives which isn't coming to my pea-sized brain. Cus I'm pretty sleepy now too, lol. But yes, I'm glad that, my every week is filled with love :) wherever it's coming from, my family who doesn't even get to see me for 8h, my buddies who go through everything with me, or my kids who spend time with me & making life less miserable :) it's awesome, the feeling. Reallly :) but ofc, it comes with plenty, plenty of responsibilities. Pros & cons, which is. Abit. Sucky, for lack of better word. But yes, I'm adapting. I'm trying. Lol :)

My Term 1 ppr'll look really ugly. Really really ugly. I estimate it to be a 63%. Maybe lower =/ ultra disappointed, but since it's only the first term, I shall take it easy, lol.

Chem, A-math, English written speech plus compre tests next week. So very very screwed. Ahh~ SS was pretty fine, though I didn't finish, I didn't get very uptight. I took it in my stride, I guess? Lol :)

Okay getting a bit draggy, since I only have Fridays to post now. THERE'RE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY NOW, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO BLOG. CUS EVERYTHING'S LIKE EQUALLY IMPT :( but ohwell!! I'll try :):) if a week without tests come across, I'LL BLOG EVERYDAY :D

Snyl blog coming alive again :)

Takecare everyone, keep faith,
Yihuuuuuuuuui <3

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