2009-02-27, 11:14 p.m.

Oh yay, it's finally Friday again. & Term 1 is ending. Waaay too soon >< tmr's the last day of Feb alr ><

Anw! Things've been happening this week, as usual. A fun/troubling week. I can't say that things've been going really smooth, but I guess that's what Life's all about. Going through the rough patches & becoming better and stronger. Hahah :)

Heidi told me that Zoey told Caryl to not put Xuan & I together for duties anymore. I don't get it, why does she have to interfere so much? I know she's being protective of me, but please, Xuan doesn't even LIKE me -.- what's the big deal about us doing duties together. & Caryl actually said YES. Omg, I think that's even harder to believe -.- & Heidi was telling me that I ignored Zoey during assembly cus I was smiling at Xuan -.-, or so she thinks. & Heidi can tell her that maybe I just happened to look at her while thinking of some other stuff, but no, Zoey insists that Xuan was smiling at me too -.- what the hell la. I mean like, seriously, what the hell. I told Sapph & she was like "Huh I'm your sis & I don't even care." -.- for a moment, I was thinking if Zoey was jealous of Xuan, but it didn't seem possible, so I dropped that idea. But omg la, can you believe it? My jaws literally dropped when I heard that from Heidi this afternoon. Ner was nice enough to blast her music, so yep, only Heidi, Zoey, Sapph & I know :D excluding the rest of the Exco.

SO TODAY. I MADE TIME FOR HER. & I neglected Lihmaan. Ahhhh~ what the hell la. Everything isn't working out. When I'm with Lihmaan, Zoey complains that I'm not spending enough time with her. When I'm with Zoey, I feel apologetic towards Lihmaan, cus I haven't talked to her in like, this entire week, face-to-face. Then she wanted to talk to me today, but I told Zoey to come help me with Lit, so she just sat down & uh, sat. Until we had to leave the school. Then Lihmaan left at like 7plus :( damn sad la. I felt so bad. Everything just doesn't work out. & it's so, complicated. & yknow what, only I'm involved. Not only that, I have Kerrui, Shirlyn, Shirlene. Sometimes more people. & I have to sms everyone. Ugh, & she tells Heidi that I have the time to sms people but not her. Or rather, my replies to her aren't as long as to others. What the heck la. Seriously. I don't know what I'm supposed to do alr. I can't find a perfect solution where everyone's happy. Neither can I find a solution whereby everyone'll be happy except for me [I really won't mind], so what am I supposed to do -.-!

& Denise, you're really not making it ANY better. I know & I appreciate, but I'm really sorry to say that you're not making things better & you're making things worse. Just seeing your face now makes me want to punch a wall or kick a table cus I'm seriously so damn annoyed with what you're doing right now. You try to make everything better by um, OFFERING ME HUGS which I seriously DON'T NEED or um, sending me smses which you think affect me alot but don't. Cus honestly, I won't do anything for you. If you think I'll sleep early cus you ask me to, you're wrong. If you tell me to go home early & I do, it's not cus of you as well. It just means that someone else told me to do the same thing as you, & I'm doing it for that someone, NOT YOU.
&, stop digging up the past & telling me how much you've helped me with Math. Yes I do know & I thank you for it, but come on, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES IT FOR ME. Mok spends alot of time checking my workings for careless mistakes when she studies with me as well. So I'll really appreciate it if you would stop digging up the past, telling me how much I owe you, cus as far as I'm concerned, whatever favours you've done for me have been repayed with all my treats & whatnot. So yeah, I know you won't read this, but whatever. I feel so good saying it out here. Without anyone knowing. Hahahha :)

OKAY. I'm trying my best, not to show my antipathy / aversion for her. I hope she hasn't noticed it yet, so that I'll have time to quickly revert things to how they were. AHHH~ I don't have enough time T.T this sucks. Life just sucks. UGH!

There's alot of things going on. Which I don't even know what. & my grades for Term 1 isn't even up to standard
-.- & everyone's like thinking / worrying about Os alr. What the hell la. I'm still slacking here, posting while everyone's studying SS. Gosh -.-!

AHHHHH. I hate my current life. Thank god, I have all my wonderful besties around me :) who's giving me the strength to go on. Thanks guys, y'all rock ttm :)
MY DEAREST JUNIORS, OF COURSE, you guys are smashing as well. Thanks awfully <3

Kay, I'm going to. Sleep. Soon. A very tiring day. Lol. Waking up early to do work tmr. I hope I can. Maybe wake up naturally. Hahah :D & not going out anymore!! Yay :) I NEED TO CHIONG SS. I'M SO NOT SIGNING INTO MSN TMR. Switch off phone. Confirm can do alot :) kay. Jiayou everyone :)

Ohwell. No work done at all tonight. Sucks ttm. Maybe get up latest by 9 tmr. Ahhh~ Ahgirl's doing so much la >< & I'm like wasting my time here. -.-

Kkay, posting. BYE <3

Yihui <3<3

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