2009-03-13, 11:55 p.m.

See. Another week. Flew past. AGAIN. :/ sighhh. So many things happened in this one week(: good, bad, ugly. How to start? [This is going to be an extremely, extremely long post, seeing that I have the whole night to post anw :)]

Alright so, I'm pleased to say that the Lyns are sort of getting back occasionally together again :) which is good. & yep, hopefully things'll get even better for all of us from this point onwards :)

AM & CHEM TEST FINALLY OVER!! Wooooooooooots :) Chem test totally made my day while AM screwed my day in the morning. But yes, it's over. Lets move on. Life is all about moving on; we can't stay stagnant at one spot forever. So, MOVE ON PEOPLE :) don't brood over it anymore! Fail, we'll fail together! :D

Mok seeeeeemed really tired today :/ I hope she's muchmuch better :) jiayouuuuu, dear :) take care, rest more :)

Just heard from Juan today that Rasey's been going around scolding me. & as in, probably telling everyone how I told on her to MissRockey about her attire. But, for some reason, I wasn't really affected? Hahahha :) maybe it's cus I don't know her well, maybe it's cus I expected this from the very beginning, or maybe it's just because I'm used to it. Hahahha :) the infinite possibilities. But yes, regardless the reason, I am immune to whatever she says. As Sapph said, I wasn't in the wrong. Since she said that MissRockey didn't bother, why should she be so concerned even if MissRockey knew? See, the irony in her actions and words. But yes, I will listen to MissRockey and be more discreet in future. Changing the methods could be helpful sometimes :)
Although I personally think that I may not be wrong, but I'm not necessarily right either :)

Was doing self-reflection as I looked myself in the mirror when I was showering. Just looking at my mirror image, brought me to the scene of when we [Ner, Juan & I] were having orange bowl together this afternoon. We weren't. Exactly speaking ill of Denise, but we weren't exactly complimenting her either. Same for Xinhoon. & then Ner said something about. Qingqing not speaking ill of people behind their backs. & that set me thinking: If others can do it, so can I. I won't want to criticise anyone, but I'll only say it when it's something good. Otherwise, I'll keep everything to myself :)

Then. Had dinner with Rui & Shirlyn at Macs. & the two of them, gives me strength that I cannot explain, esp Rui. She alone is a motivational force which pushes me forward even when the tough gets going :) & I really want to say thanks to the both of them here, for being a pillar to me. Even though they probably don't know it, but yes, you two are a very great inspiration / encouragement to me. Thankyou :)

Another thing I noticed only today was that Shirlyn's actually a really optimistic girl. One can never be upset when with her; she's like a cheer-up machine. She cheers whoever's feeling stressed, tired, sad, up by being herself. Just being herself alone, is enough to make people smile. That's your strength, Shirlyn :) work towards it.
If you're wondering how come I noticed that, it's cus she said "I lost. Played with Sports School. *Cheerful laughter*" Those genuine, sincere laughter which cheers everyone up. I was so enlightened :) & seeing how Rui & her are best friends make me feel really envious. I have to wonder /ponder constantly : who's my best friend? Do I even have one? These questions just run through my mind whenever I see the both of them together. It's like, Shirlyn can't live without Rui & Rui probably won't survive without Shirlyn around her. It's the two of them that keeps each other going, in terms of CCA or even about / in class.

Don't talk about best friends. Just, friends. How many do I have -.- alot? Doubt so, but it's comforting to know that they care about me, someway or another :)

Okay. I want to sleep. I'm falling asleep. Seeya :)

Yihui <3

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