2009-05-08, 10:52 p.m.

Leadership & Adventure Camp 2009 at MOE Jalan Bahtera was the BOMB.

It was totally amazing. I was looking forward to camp on Tuesday, but I didn't expect it to be this.. exhilarating. It was just A-W-E-S-O-M-E, AWESOME *CLAP . CLAP* *CLAP . CLAP* :D

*Camp details / activities are posted by Vmok :D all credits to her!

On Wednesday at the forum, our class was dead like hell. Joel [Instructor Hotstuff] & Sam apparently thought that they were in for a boring camp, but we totally surprised them. We were freaking high in the bus, high until lunch, high until night through the games, high till we went to bed. All thanks to our wonderful instructors [ esp Joel, everyone's in love with him, like Girl & Cheryl. God -.-" ]
After dinner, we had to do campfire prep & we decided on 'Nobody' cus apparently Joel learnt the dance specially for us! So we spent like one-two hours learning it. We bonded through that dance too, helping one another & stuff. LOL!

The next day [yday], we did high elements after breakfast & omg, our class spirit was really demonstrated there & then. We were so rowdy [ we only heard our own voices ] & we came up with a variety of cheers [ credits go to Veron, Nicole Yue, Rachel & Cheok + Sherms. *I'm sorry if I left your name out!* ]
We did rock climbing [ I didn't finish ): ): ): ], tightrope walking, log-walk, plank-walk, plank-tyre walk [ I did this!! :D ] Yep. Ultimate fun :D

& then after lunch, it was Team Challenge! We had activities like MRT, On the Lap & Human Entanglement!! Which was the Human Knot, basically. Hahaha! Then we came up with the class cheers & stuff, it was freaking cool. Really really the most memorable camp I've ever had :D

THE HIGHLIGHT OF YDAY : CAMPFIRE! WOOOOOOOOOOH~!~! WE WERE THE THIRD CLASS TO PERFORM. WOOOH! EVERYONE WAS SO IMPRESSED LA. ONE NIGHT, YKNOW, LEARN THE ENTIRE DANCE. Cheryl & Nicole were our main dancers, then Girl, Belle, Sherms, Cheok & Rachel [I think] were next in line. I was supposed to be right at the back, but I switched with Rebecca last minute. I really wish I hadn't though, Rebecca'd been proud of herself if she could dance in the third row. I was so bloody insensitive. ):
On the other hand, I'm personally very pleased with myself for allowing Sherms & Cheok to stand in front! (: I could've easily stood in front & replaced them, but I forced myself to give them a chance & only replace them if they couldn't do it. But obviously they managed to do it under pressure & it came off pretty well (: just really regretted that bit about Rebecca ): I'm sorry, I really am.

& thanks a million to those who complimented on my dancing (: Qianyi & Vmok & others o.o Vmok said that Cheryl & I were like the topics of our item in her class, lol. Everyone was supposedly going "Eh omg look at Cheryl. EH Yihui's there! Huh where where?!" Hahaha, thanks (: that really boosted my confidence (: since only Cheryl was given recognition.

To be honest, I was abit sore about that. Like, why was she the only one who gained recognition when Nicole dance equally well? Okay maybe not equally well, but when Joel mentioned how the instructors were praising her last night after the campfire today in the bus, did anyone think of how Nicole'd feel? I was like "What the hell -.-" I was feeling so indignant. & pissed at Cheryl. I think I hated her slightly too. Cus when they said sed out your best dancer & instructor from each class, everyone was like echoing "Cheryl, cheryl, cheryl!" cus of the 'Nobody' dance. & like, I don't know, Sarah looked kinda stiff & frozen to me. Maybe she was waiting for some kinda attention, but it never came, lol.

Then today. Omg freaking emotional la. I cried & cried. Okay, make it teared* didn't wanna spoil everyone's moods. Though at the end at the forum, SiMing started crying & Kim cried as well. & some other people. Omg la ): I was so saddddd ): ): cheer one time, tear one time. GOSH! Then we did some affirmation thing, to thank the few people who gave us support & encouraged us for these few days. I received 3 & I believe that 2 were out of their free will & I'm very happy. Honestly, I was abit happy yet disappointed that I only had 3. But it probably just means that I haven't done enough (: though Flower did mention "Thanks Yihui for mothering us." It meant alot to me. Thankyou darling, thanks so much (:

Sigh, today was one traumatising day. Everyone was like "Uncle, drive slower!!" on the way back to school. Sigh ): this camp was really the bomb. I've never seen 3PURITY! so bonded before, lol (: goodjob everyone! (: G-O-O-D-J-O-B, GOODJOB *CLAP . CLAP* GOODJOB *CLAP . CLAP*

Wheeee (: penning down a few thoughts..

I, from the bottom of my heat, have never been so proud of my class before. Have never seen instructors as motivational as Joel & Sam before. Have never ever enjoyed myself at a camp this much before. A zillion thanks to everyone who's made this camp a success for me. THREEPURITY! <3 JOEL <3 SAM <3 PRABBBS <3 & PEOPLE WHO I'VE NOT MENTIONED BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. THANKS ONCE AGAIN & I REALLY LOVE ALL OF YOU! I'M SO MISSING JOEL & SAM ALR! ):

Oh. After we reached forum, we were dismissed. I came home to have lunch but I went back to school to practise the 'Nobody' dance. Hahahhaa, I so wanna do breaking again ): sigh. Talked with Mok, Shirlyn & Kerrui after their trng was over, then we headed off to Macs for dinner & then Home, Sweet home! :D

Okay, longlong post, time to sign off.

Nights everyone,
Yihui <3


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