2009-05-02, 6:41 p.m.

Woah, my mum just told me some stunning news just now in the car, hahahaha :D

Um, first things first, I finally got my camp stuff :D can't wait for it :D:D even though Zoey said it wasn't fun, hmph. No tests this week! WOOOOOH :D

On the other hand, I just realised how rich my family is. I mean, honestly. Okay not filthy rich, but rich enough for me to get shocked, cus I thought we were pretty poor.

Apparently the year's profit for the factory business itself is a hundred thousand [Which is not alot, fine]. & then I was enlightened today that we actually spent about a million constructing the factory. Like, WOWWW~ & the factory's been operating for about 12 years, so we've recovered the capital alr. Coool -.-"

Plus, we're supposed to have earned loads from investments. Like, quite abit. & the two swallows' houses + the land it's built on cost us about 2 million. Plus all our frozen assets and stuff [if we have any?] will come up to about another million. Like, wow. I never knew we had so much money. Hahahha! Okaaaay this is a future option :D

Was reading 'Shopaholic Ties the Knot' in the car, & Becky was supposed to be in a hospital when she "realised yet again how sheltered her life have been." I read the following paragraph & I realised that I was even more fortunate than her. My grandparents are all alive & I've only known two close to me to be ill- my grandpa [whom I'm not exactly close to] & my Aunt [quite close to]. They both contracted cancer & both are quite bad :/ lets hope for the best for them *crosses fingers*.

& honestly, even after resting for a few days, I don't feel better. I'm still equally tired mentally & I don't know how to get better. I think many feel the same way as me, but ohwell ): I'm so very depressed. I hate this side of mine. Someone just asked me 'How're you?' & I instinctively replied 'Good!'. I wonder why that's the case. Gahhhhh ):

I'm supposed to study. Supposed to. Yeah. Okay I will. I'll try not to let Lihmaan affect me too much. I'm really stuck. Is anyone going to drag me out of the well to see the world?

Sapph posted "but truly all they're seeing is that small piece of sky from the well they're in." Hahaha, I was so amused by that.

Right. STUDY. Freak.

I have logs to finish by tonight, including homework. & I intend to sleep by 12. Cus when I wake up tmr, I have to study non-stop again. Bio notes have to be done & memorised by Wednesday *morning*. I guess I'll write & memorise at the same time. Anw, Enzymes & Nutrients' notes are done. I just have to write for Digestion. YES! Oh, & a little of blood. & I'll revise a bit of nutrients & enzymes, yeah. Gross ):


Okay, I'm signing off. BYE!

Yihui <3

P.S. Hopefully people who're suffering from swine flu recover soon! (:

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