2009-05-29, 11:08 p.m.

Omg. Yday was last day of school. Finally. Friday Fever's over, school's out. & I'm flying for Japan tmr. Oh god, I can't believe it. It's so soon! (: in another 9 hours.. I'll be out of Singapore. YES!
& can you believe it? We have to wear masks on board -.-" gosh.

Okay.. Many many things.. Where to start from..? Mm.. OH! I'm in Comm 2010. Surprise surprise. I was honestly very surprised when I heard my name for Sec 4 Level Co. Cus I thought the Comm & the teachers'd pick Cheryl to be in Comm instead of me. But yes, I admit it was a pleasant surprise. I wanted to get in, & now I am. I msged Becky to thank her / Comm 09' / Teachers for giving me a chance & she said that I have lots of potential and that I'll motivate many who are like how I felt about ld previously. Which really encouraged me. For the first time in my life, I feel that people actually acknowledge me. Lol (: Mok said thanks cus apparently my sms got them talking again (: I hope they carry on this way! I mean, if I can't be a good friend to Vmok, then I hope she has someone else to confide in (:

What else.. Oh, I got my ppr back. Not too bad, I improved. My L1R5 was 19 this term (: I was quite happy. I mean, yes it's not fantastic, but still! I don't care what others think and say. I'm happy with it, & that's all that matters (:

Meanwhile, I feel as if my relationship with Zoey's improved. It's not as awkward as before (: & I realllly feel as if we're sisters. The way she always pampers & gives in to me but noone else (: it makes me feel very doted on ^^ & she doesn't seem that protective of me anymore. It's really quite cool now (: I was writing in her diary today for next week since I'd be gone & noone'd be here to remind her to take her medicine when I accidentally flipped to the next week. & I didn't even notice that it was my birthday week, but I saw a sticker that said '"Birthday" xiaomei.' I looked up in surprise and amazement. I literally gave her that wide-eyed look & she "shh"-ed me. Hahaha (: I was so happy (: 14th June this year will be very very special for me (: I just know it ^^

Lihmaan seems to be a popular topic whenever I post. 8 out of 10 posts have her inside, hahaha (: but yes, all I can say is that she's irreplaceable. Really, the amount of time she's 'invested' in me is unbelievable. I know it's not only to me, she does this for others too. But that makes me all the more prouder of her (: I don't think she knows it, but her encouragements to me mean alot (: I think even if I had to write a 2000-word essay, I wouldn't be able to finish writing all the things she's done for me. That's how much she has done for me, while I, have done nothing in return. Sometimes I feel so ashamed of myself. No wait, it's not sometimes. It's practically every single time she passes me anything, I'll feel that tinge of guilt in my heart. Her pm for msn tonight read : Do something if you really care. I have no idea whether that's for me or not, but okay I will take it as it's meant for me. & okay, I will work on returning the favors.

Gosh, why does it seem so tiring whenever I post. Is it cus it's very solemn? Sigh :/ I feel like sleeping alr. Hahaha, okay maybe I'm thinking too much. Perhaps it's just not enough sleep, cus we had to wake up early to practise for Friday Fever today. & it was a total disaster. Ohgod, we went up there for the full dress rehearsal & we forgot at least half of the lyrics. I was really freaking out, & before we knew it, it was our turn on stage. I literally forced myself to be conscious of what I was singing & I managed it. I remembered everything & I didn't screw up at all. But Swee & Yvette were kinda.. :/ Esp Swee. It was quite bad. Okay that's an understatement. I shan't elaborate more. But ohwell, I think they did great! Considering the fact that we only had two days to practise! (: Awesome, guys! ^^ Anw, we dance / sing for ourselves. Let's just go to kbox whenever we feel like singing! Hahaha, please, lets not sign up for this kinda thing anymore! Hahhaha! (:

Okay, I'm currently very tired. I need to sleep. Getting up at 430 tmr morning. Gosh -.-" have to be at T1 by 630 tmr. Plane's departing at 8. So.. Yep.. I guess I'll see everyone around before my birthday.. If I don't get quarrantined. I really pray that nothing'll happen to us, lol. I mean, WHO'LL WISH THAT THEY'LL CATCH H1N1! So yup, may the gods & deities bless us from above (:

Gosh, I'm damn tired. I'll hit the sack soon. Bah, bye everyone (: Happy holidays! ^^

With much loves & wishes,
Yihui <3

P.S. It's a starless night tonight..

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