2009-10-03, 8:56 p.m.

I forgot what I was doing just now, but the image of my mum drawing a bouqet of flowers on my behalf in kindergarten suddenly appeared in my mind. Hahah :)

Now that I think back, I don't really recall having any memories with my mother. Everything that happened when I was young was with my nanny. My mum never once took me to school while my dad did it a few times. Even though we live right opposite Stnicks, walking with me for that two minutes does make a difference to me for the entire day. & my mum never once did it. Kinda wanna know what it'd have felt like. Lol ><

To me, my mum is trying to make up for lost time with me right now. But I feel as if I'm trying to shut her out unconsciously. Ahh this is frustrating. Lol -.-

& I've been pretty frustrated by Daniel too. It's like omg, which guy will keep calling a girl every night if they're not interested in them. Like seriously, I'm so close to telling him to fuck off every time he calls me. But I'll feel very bad if I do that :/ Denise said "As far as I know you bite. But you're not doing that now." I know, but it just feels so mean. It's not cus I can't bear to hurt him or anything, it's just omg so mean ._. dono what better way to put that. But ugh, seriously. He just can't leave me alone for a day. & I seriously cannot stand guys who can't speak English properly. I will not even consider them as a dating option. & omg, will you [Whoever you are] believe it, he asked me what's "It's five to ten" means. & at first I was like uh nevermind. Then he asked again, so I said "It means five minutes to ten o' clock." & he said, aiyo then say 9.55 la. Why must say until so complicated. OMG. I LITERALLY GLARED AT THE WALL FOR THAT FEW SECONDS. I felt like I was talking to a freaking five-year old who didn't know what "Take five" or "A quarter past three" meant. God, I really question Singapore's ability to teach English. & I thought people only sucked in Chinese -.-

Ahhh I'm like fucking frustrated. & I have nowhere to release them all. Stuck in the midst of exams, I can't go anywhere to shout it out cus I have to freaking study -.- I'll wait till my exams are over.. Well, that's if I haven't snapped by then. Hahaha, though I'm expecting either tonight or a few nights later. Lalala~ & one more thing, he's damn gay. Like, feminine. Super niangzxz. God -.-



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