2009-11-20, 2:44 p.m.

Alohaaaaaaaaa :)

In the hospital again, hahaha :D Came to visit Mama :) She's looking much better. Doesn't seem in much pain as compared to yday. Yay, so glad she's getting better :) But she won't be able to come with us for the China trip. Sad ><

I wanted to post yday, but I clicked "Shut down" and then thought of posting. Lol, so ohwell. Glad to say that her operation yday was successful :) We spent an awfully long time waiting for the results though. & the cyst is freaking gross. It's like 15cm and it's black at certain areas. Really disgusting, hahaha :/

&& OMG, WE'RE STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL AS SUJU!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! Ohmygod. I literally hyperventilated when I heard this yday from Swee! I always thought it was a dream, yknow, A DREAM. BUT IT'S COMING TRUE. SO I'M NOT ONLY GOING FOR THEIR CONCERT, THERE'S A PRETTY HIGH POSSIBILITY OF ME BUMPING INTO THEM AT THE HOTEL TOO! :D Omggggg. Was sharing this news with Kim and we were seriously going crazy. Hahaha! Our convo was super funny, hahaha :D & I kept squealing in front of my comp, so Sha had to go downstairs to sleep instead xD sorry ya! But omggggg, can you believe it, it's Super Junior. Oh my god, I can't. Sj~ My love~ <3 Oh oh omg, & I'm gonna buy my Wookie's shirt! Wheeeeeee <33 I confirmed with Sapph if she wanted Siwon's & she said she wanted Sungmin's instead. I was totally shocked. Omg. But she said "If Hankyung's picture is with him wearing specs, then get that." What the crap! But ahahahaha~ It's gonna cost a bomb, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing! Oooohgoshhhhh :D Superman excited now. & Martha's not going! I mean, I'm not trying to be mean, but I did think that it'd be very awkward for me if she went. After all, the mum likes her better and there's nothing to talk about between us. Hahahaha :D

Anw, installing the new msn on Daddy's comp. Heee :D

I'm going to Malacca too! Yayyy :D

Yihui <3

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