2009-12-03, 1:49 p.m.

FINALLLLY. A chance to post! A real long post! Alrights gonna post from the Malaysia trip, then I'll move on to my Thailand trip <33

I think it was.. Last week? I came back last week, but I went over to Malaysia two weeks ago. On the 18th, I went over and I saw my gran at night! She looked all frail and everything. Op was scheduled for Thursday afternoon but it was pushed forward. Expected to finish within one half hours, but she came out four hours later. She looked even worse. Gosh :/ totally saddening. We just accompanied her till as late as we could, then we went back to Sha's house.

Next day we went back, she was much better. Could talk and everything. Then in the afternoon, dad & I took turns to talk to her. I talked for over an hour with her! Omg I was so glad I went. Hahaha, talked about all sorts of things. Her past, what she did and basically everything, hahaha :) dono whether it was that night where we went to eat at the Korean restaurant, but it was so funny. I was flauting all the korean words I knew (which is miserable) to the Unnie and hahahaha, it was so funny (to me). Gosh, that was an experience. What else, went back watched my show. Hahaha, those few days were mad man. I was practically not having enough sleep everyday. Slept for about 3-4 hours cus I'd stay up late to watch my shows and then we'd wake up at about 8 or 9 to go to the hospital. So I could sleep at 6 and wake up at 8. Hahaha, it was mad.

After the whole thing, Mama was better and we felt safe knowing that she was in good hands. So we headed off to Malacca for a short 2D1N trip with Shushu & family, haha :D Quite enjoyable, but I had this really bad tummyache in the middle of the car-ride. I thought it was bearable, but it got worse and worse. Turns out that it was cus I didn't drink enough water and didn't have enough sleep. So Kuku stayed with me in the hotel while they all went out to eat. I threw up in the toilet and ahh it was just pretty gross and stuff. Hahahaha :) but yeah, really appreciate what my aunt did, thanks! :) Then oh, that night we went to eat at their pasar malam and woah, dinner was good :D Walked the night market after that and they bought tons of stuff. Headed back to the hotel after that. WE WALKED OKAY, WALKED. Good exercise, haha :) Hotel Equatorial was not that bad too :) Haha :D

Came back to Sg after that, heard that the showcase was a success. Thanks to Rebecca for helping me cover too :) Came back to Sg on Sunday, was preparing to teach them the invest dance on Thursday and Friday. School / Moving Ceremony was on Wednesday while Ms P's / Ld's farewell was on Tuesday. Lets start with the farewells. I thought that Ld farewell was quite.. lousy cus only what, 7 Sec4s turned up? Gosh ._. But yeah okay, still quite a good experience? Was popping up to gym place to check their rehearsals out :D hahaha! So cool (: After that was Ms P's farewell and it was quite a failure too ): was expected to end around 4 or 5, but she told us that she had to leave at around 2:45pm, so we kinda sped everything up. Brought the cake in, performed for her and stuff. The performance was hilarious, omg. I kept popping in at some random intervals. Hahaha! The cake and everything, but noone ate it in the end. We threw the big cake away -.-" Thank God Valerie brought the small one home (: After Ms P left, we were left entertaining ourselves. Hahahaha! Hilariousssss, seriously. Just kept going high and everything. Hahaha! Loved that day :D It was really awesome.

Moving ceremomy was stupid. Seriously, the whole thing was just dumb. That few hours of Sports day was so not enough to get us warmed up. It was superman dead, they kept getting us to cheer very loudly but somehow the mood just wasn't there. Damn retarded. Blue house came in 4th place, haha shows what great leader / captains we have? Anw it was mass after that and yeah, sang and stuff. I sat with Denise, Jinny, Kim, Nicole and Veron. Hahaha, it was quite funny :D Went to the holding site after that. Well, wasn't as bad as I imagined? But I have no idea how we're gonna do Napfa next year; the track's like one lane -.-"
Went to kbcc with Cal & Sherms after that. Cheryl was totally drained after I taught her the thing, hahaha! She went home first, I stayed behind to drill Sherms a little bit more. We were literally dragging our feet home. Hahaha!

Met up with six of them on Thursday. Taught them the dance and nearly died, cus Cheryl didn't come. The next day, I met more of them and IT WAS SO FUNNY. Jemie, Ner, Sherms and I stayed after it ended and we talked till the sky turned dark! Talked for one half hours, I think. Omg Jemie is superman funny, never knew she was so comical, seriously! Laughed and laughed, then went home to sleep early. (I think?, haha :D)

Next day, omg. Felt so surreal. Was going to fly to Thailand for my SUJU! <33333 Packed and everything, panicked a little when I realised the validaty of my passport was only left with five months. Thank god they let me into Thailand, heee :D Went to the hotel asap and OMG WE SAW THEMMMMM!! SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! After coming back from the concert, they were pespiring and whatnot, but omg it was so hot. Donghae was in this black singlet (Swee says tank) & just jeans but he looked so cool. Eunhyuk was in hoodie and just walking with the hoodie up and he was so hot. I saw Wookie and Kyuhyun too! (: They were smiling, so cute! Oh gosh, these were the few who left more of an impression on me. Hahaha :D it was so funny man. We knew what level they were staying on through our bellboy. Auntie kept asking front desk which level they were staying on, but it was their policy to keep it confidential. So when the bellboy pushed in our luggage, she was like "Is Super Junior staying here?" & he replied "Ya, 11th floor." HAHAHA, she tipped and we stopped by 11th floor before we went down. Omg I got a huge surprise man, they had to station bodyguards outside the room and the crew / staff probably took up the whole level. So 11th floor was completely out of bounds to people. Hahaha, but it was so cool man. They stayed in 1101 and 1102 :D Lovesssss <3

The next day! Gosh early in the morning! We saw fans camping everywhere near the hotel. Cus we got a really good view from our room of the city, so if we looked down (We were on the 19th floor), we could get a bird's-eye view and omg, I saw little people wearing blue shirts everywhere. So scary ._. Went to the flea mart in the morning, Auntie's bag got slashed, hahaha it was quite funny :P pardon me, but I really think what goes around comes around, so yeah. Headed to Impact after that to buy their stuff and OMG, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Kibum and Kangin's shirts were all sold out ._. Thank god Wookie's was still there (: So I bought Heechul, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Hankyung and Wookie's (: Each shirt was 1000 baht! Convert it to our currency --> 45 bucks. So I spent 225 bucks buying five TEEEEESHIRTS. But whatever, it was worth it (: Anw 200 was Auntie's, haha :D so technically I only spent 25 bucks xD Omg lovessss (: Now that I think of it, I should've bought Donghae's! Damnnnn it. But anw! I'm happy and contented (: Bought loads of other stuff after that, hahaha! The ELFs were so supportive man, gosh. I'd thought that they would be the biggest supporters of SM stuff, but no. They support SJ to the extent of making SJ products, then selling it to other fans to keep ELF club going. Hahahhaa, coolness. Bought two Super Show II shirts and then headed back to the hotel. I bought 3 at first, but they made a mistake and gave me two shirts of the same colour when I wanted one in blue and one in grey, so I gave the other one to Martha :) Ohwell, was really excited. Got to the concert place wtih much time to spare, so we started walking around. Saw their Fino cf and took pictures with their 'mannequins'. Hahahha! It was a pity we had to surrender cams >< They only checked bags! I could've smuggled it in my pocket! Damn it ._. Anw, we missed half the performance of 'A Man In Love'!! Oh my god, I love that song so much. But luckily we still managed to catch half of the performance (: The concert was simply breathtaking and amazing. Non-stop dancing / singing for three hours, Suju's really solid stuff. Sang loads of 3rd album's songs. Gosh, I think they sang Love Disease, haha :D not sure. But omg, It's You sounds freaking awesome live. Sorry Sorry R&B sounded great (but I kinda couldn't recognise the first part of the song, haha xP). Shining Star was omg, so overwhelming! The ELFs were so organised, in every block of sapphire blue light sticks, they prepared silver light sticks to wave in the shape of a star when they sang Shining Star. Eeteuk started crying before we knew it and it was really bad. His tears were flooooding down his face >< Made alot of the fans cry, I think. Oh gosh, super touching. Then mm, I think they sang Disco Drive (: They sang Angela, What If, Heartquake!! Heartquake ft. Eunhyukkie! Omg hotness, can't stand it. All in all, the concert was a big hit and it was a great success. Oh did I mention, I saw them within a one-metre radius. Can you believe it, I saw them so clearly I couldn't believe it myself. They looked so fairytale-like cus they just looked too good to be true! First batch : Eunhyukkie was waaaaay hot with his smile even though it looks weird. Donghaeeee was toooo cute to be true! Wookie & Kyuuuu were so shy, they were practically walking with their heads looking down at the ground! But they still looked up and gave a slight smile! (: But I was concentrating so much on Hyukkie I didn't get enough of my Wookie! ): Hahaha, moving on, Shindong just walked as if all the fans were transparent, yknow! So rude >< Last in the first batch was Sungmin!! His hair was straight cus it wasn't styled yet and omg, his smile is so charming!! Really like a prince's! Omg, I could've melted there and then. The six of them were so hot. God. Oh right, second batch : Siwon, Hankyung, Heechul. Hankyung was wearing a pair of shades, but somehow you could feel that his eyes were smiling at you too. He looked great in person. Heechul looked okay, but a little weird with that hair. It was blonde and curled. Hahaha, Siwon was superman professional. Smiled and waved at the fans. He was really the best, exactly like how Auntie put it. Last two that came out from the lift : Yesung and Leeteuk. Yesung looked not bad! Like seriously, he looked quite good! (: Leeteuk smiled and waved too, he looked pretty cute (: & yup that was it. That few minutes really was.. As if I was in heaven. Hahaha, Yesung & Eunhyuk had red hair. Donghae and Sungmin and Kyuhyun had their hair black. Wookie's hair was brown somehow. Not blonde, but golden-brown. & his hair is actually quite long! Dono what they did before the concert started, but in person his hair is about shoulder length! He had to tie it! But in the concert, it looks short o.o Anw, I'll never forget 29th November 2009 (: It was a truly memorable day. God, the first time I attend a concert, I get to see my idols in the same hotel, AT SUCH A CLOSE DISTANCE! (((((: <3

The next few days weren't that interesting. Hahaha, didn't feel like Thailand after SJ left, seriously. Just walked here and there, Aunt bought me something from Zara etcetc. Food Court was HUGE, like seriously. OHHHH, WE WENT TO DO THIS OCEAN WALKER THINGY. HAHAHA, SO FUNNY. It's the one where they put that helmet over your head and you walk in the ocean! We were walking and suddenly these two guys were waving like mad at us! Then Swee and I both thought that they were some idiotic teenagers like Singaporean teenagers, but it turns out that they were the hosts / Thai celebs and WE WERE ON LIVE TV. HAHAHAHA, it was so cool man. Gosh! & yep, that was about it. The highlight was basically SUPER JUNIOR! <33333

Okay long post, I'm actually posting this at 5pm, LOL. Started at 1:49pm, but I'm ending at 4:58pm. Hahaha anw, have to think of the formation for invest, then start on homework! Sigh, it's alr December. 2010 is coming, Sec4 life is coming, O levels is coming. It seems too soon to be true, honestly ><

Anw loads of loves from me! (: To SJ! :D

Yihui <3

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