2009-12-08, 11:59 a.m.

Oooooooh, finally back in Sg. But I'm flying to China in another less than three weeks. Hahahaha ._. Somehow this holidays seems to be superman packed. What with me going to Malaysia initially to visit my gran, then flying to Thailand to visit my idols, then going back to Malaysia to visit Immigrations to get my passport done, then visting China in end-December to see snow and waterfalls. Hahahaha! Gosh, I seriously miss Thailand. & of course, my SUPER JUNIOR! <33

ANWWWW. I'm trying to learn all their songs now. Hahaha, as in learn / remember their titles. Hahaha, falling hopelessly in love with Love Disease. For some reason, it sounds so good with KRY ft. Donghae!! Ahhhh~ Heartquake's damn awesome too, but somehow I just love Love Disease better. Hahaha, Sherms & Moks were dying of jealousy when I told them how It's You sounded live. Hahaha! Gosh, really miss them.

Sigh, holidays are ending again. I don't want my sec 4 year to start, seriously. It's so.. surreal. I notice I keep using that word recently. Hahaha, maybe cus it's really too fast for me to believe. Sigh, again. Hahaha, thank god for entertainment. But gotta start work soon. I said I'd finish Chem by today. I finished Bio and English at Bukit, so I'm only left with Chem homework (officially). I still have all the tys to finish before I fly off on the 22nd (21st night to be accurate) and the chengyus to learn. Oh gosh, I REALLY SINCERELY EARNESTLY PRAY AND HOPE THAT CYM WON'T BE OUR FT NEXT YEAR. HAHAHA, OH HEAVENS ABOVE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!

Ohwell, anw. I'm sure next year will be another eventful year. As much as I fear for its arrival, there is much anticipation in me (: Oh yes, & I gotta start writing the Christmas cards soon!! Oooooohness :D:D I can finally give Kim her Xiaojie pictures which've been sitting in my drawer since September. Hahah :D

Yay anw, BACK TO YOUTUBE! Will finish Chem after lunch! (: Youtube rocks. Woohooooo, gonna start on my sj live performances again. They just bring so much joy to me. Lovessss <33 What's next. Yeppp I think that's it (: Love my sj shirts. I WISH I'D GOTTEN DONGHAE ): SIGH!

Alrights, signing out :D

Yihui <3

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