2009-12-11, 8:02 p.m.

Sigh it's another depressing day. Luckily for me, I have my It's You Remix to listen to (: Hahaha :D I'm resuming my post at like 10:50pm. Gosh, finally finished watching that Knock Knock Loving You show. Hahaha it was quite a.. predictable show like what Kim said, but I'm totally dissatisfied with the ending! What rubbish ending was that, honestly! It was so stupid. But the one good thing that makes up for all the screwed up parts is that both male and female leads are quite good-looking. Just that they still fail in terms of acting compared to Mingdao. Only Qiaoen can rival him in the area in acting, hahaha :D

& why did I say it was a depressing day? My maid broke my teletubbies plate ): the one Auntie Beatrez bought for me when I was six. I still remember, it was bought at the gift shop which still existed in year 2000. I don't think we were very well-off then, so at my first request, she put it off. But we walked past it several times (I think we were visting the market or something, I remember I loved to walk down to the market with her :)) and I kept my eyes on it whenever we walked past. Before we headed home, she asked me if I wanted to get it. I remember nodding my head eagerly and tadaaaaaa, the plate was mine (: I'd have gotten the full set if she didn't stop me! ): Hahaha, but yeah. Before I knew it, 9 years. That plate's 9 years old. & Auntie Beatrez has left me for 7 years. How I managed the times without her initially, I have no idea. But one thing I know for sure, no matter how much time passes, I know she'll never fade in my memories. That was how important and significant she was to me. At one point in time, I think I treated her like my mother. I mean, she felt more like my mother. At one point in time. Lol.

That plate was the last thing she ever gave to me I think. & yeah, she bought that with her own money if I didn't remember wrongly. This morning when my maid came in to tell me she'd broken my plate, I was totally awake. Hahaha, as always, all good things must come to an end. But I forbade her to throw the plate away even after it was broken. After all, it may be broken, but I can still piece it together and keep it. It's the last thing she ever gave to me, I can never find an identical one anymore. For one thing, I don't even know if she's still alive now. Really wish we still kept in contact, but it wasn't only until recently that I found out I was the one who stopped our letters. I had the letter written and all, but I didn't send it out. & so many years, I was always wondering what happened to the seasonal greeting cards. To think that I was the one who stopped keeping in touch with her. Sigh.

Sometimes I still think of her, but very rarely. Not even five times a year. Maybe it's something she predicted, that's why she stopped sending letters to me. Maybe she wanted to be a memory, not a living memory. She hoped that I'd forget about her as time passed, perhaps. I don't know. Don't even know if we're still living in the same realm. But wherever she is, I know she's always thinking of me, always watching over me. I thank god to have let me known her.

Next on the memo! I need to get my Chem homework done by tmr, get my Christmas cards all written by tmr. Then finish reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Sunday, finish the essay topics by Monday. OMG I'M FREAKING SHORT OF TIME. I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO REVISE MATH AT ALL!! OMG. Okay change of plans. Start revising Math on Tuesday until Saturday. No maybe I won't attend the wedding anymore. There's really no time. Shit! My mum's gonna kill me. Omg ._. Kay I'm gonna sleep soon so that I can wake up early tmr. Chem homework needs to be done, omg. I didn't know I was so freaking short of time. MY GOD. AHHHH! My Sec 4 year is screwed. Honestly, & I still have to plan the next invest prac. Oh rubbish.


Yihui <3

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