2009-12-19, 1:23 a.m.

Currently waiting for 1:45am to come so that I can watch my bai fen bai and watch Super Girl on tv. Hahahahaha!

How long have I not posted. I can't remember. Everyday seems to be a race for me even though it's the holidays. Hahaha, fighting for more time to waste xD I slept at 2 and woke up at 2 this afternoon. Gosh, hahaha :D Didn't get ANY work done at all (guilty) cus I kept watching Huan Zhu Gege. Hahaha! Haven't watched that show since ten years ago! Watched for the WHOLE day. & wow, it was just.. Wow. It's like such a long time ago alr. Hahaha :) then bfb at 5 to 6 today! :D just finished watching the second part on youtube just now! Hahahaha! HILARIOUS MAN. Donghae was sooooo cute!! So super cute with his small movements. He's damn qiang jing tou! Hahaha! Kyu was jealous when he went to help Kyu's fan with her blindfold, hahaha! Omg they're so cute. Ryeowook was so tired ): *heartpains* But it was so funny, hahaha! He was playing the bfb quan in his completely not awake state. Hahaha! So awfully cute, & he pulled his fan closer to him. Aww, Man is greedy. Even when I've seen him at such close distance before, I still wished that I was that fan ):

Anw went kboxing yday with 8 of my classmates! Nicole, Sherms, Kim, Siming, Jinny, Bever, Rachel and Cheok. Hahaha, it was total highness and hilariousssss. I'll never forget what Nicole said when I was singing 傻的可以 :

*Song has started.. I've started singing into the mic with the instrumental since I switched off the original voice..*

Nicole : How come Yihui's not singing?
Sherms : She is. Look at her.
Nicole : *Talks before looking at me* No, she's not. That's the original voice. *Looks at me* OH MY GOD. She sounds like the person singing in the tv!

Omg I started laughing when I heard that cus she phrased it wrongly, so only the instrumental was playing. & she just looked really amazed and all. Hahahhaa! It was her way of complimenting me, & it really meant loads to me. I mean, I don't get recognition often. Everyone seems to be able to sing better than me, so yeah.. Thanks Nicole! (:

Went to bowl after we went to kbox yday. Waited for Sapph to go home and get her ball then come again. Since Girl came, she bowled with us and it was her FIRST time touching a bowling bowl. Hahahaha! First time bowling and everything, she was hilarious. But I think she got into trouble when she got home :/ rah, shouldn't have dragged her along with us. Oh well ><

Anw gotta take bus to Malaysia tmr for Derrick korkor's wedding. Packed clothes, but I need to pack my books. Hm. I think I'll bring Mockingbird in. Aim to finish it (?) I think I can finish it, but I don't know if I have enough time to write the essays out. Ohwell. If I bring Mockingbird in alone, I'm quite confident I can finish it. So yeppp.

Man.. I miss Super Junior. It's like.. Really miss them. Weird. Haha.

Yihui <3

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