2010-03-13, 9:21 a.m.

I'm up! Washed up and everything (: Got up at 9 sharp. So technically I slept for ten hours precisely. Hahaha, how amazing considering the fact that I have more than eight hours of sleep nearly every night ._.

So anw to continue from what I was saying yday, lets reflect on term one! It's been rather refreshing, entering school as a sec four instead of a sec one and having a new batch of kids under us. It was quite funny when everyone reminisced to the first day in ld. Our red badges and I still vividly remember Sarah standing up there and reading out announcements. Now it's Shu, & she's the same age as me. 4 years pass really quickly. Wangling's done with J2 and she's on her way to U. Sapph's completing U [WOW] and I'm completing my Secondary education. I used to think that it was so far-fetched, imagining Sapph at 21 and me at 15. Unknowingly, that was a matter of last year and right now we're 22 and 16 respectively. & now I think wow, it's gonna be so weird when I turn 20 and she's 26. Or even when I turn 22 and she's 28. It's really passing so quickly. Everything, that is, lol.

We received our PPRs yday and I was pretty happy with mine [considering how much I slacked!] (: 26 points, haha :D Sarah & Flower kept encouraging me, so thankful (: Flower tried to trick me into As for Emath and A for Chinese. Haha I rejected and came up with a better deal at night. I told them I'd ace BOTH my Maths with A1s and in return they get an A2 for Chinese. Haha she said she'd try but I wonder how hard. I think Sarah'll really try though. Haha, so comforting :D But now I have something to fret about. How the fish am I going to get my two As T.T Really feel that I cannot make it. & yeah it's a confidence problem, so noone can help me. Mainly it's cus no matter how much sums I do, I don't feel confident. & it gets so depressing. But I got used to my Bs and Cs after awhile. No it should be Cs and Ds. LOL. & yeah, Maan told me to be motivated for her. Now whenever I think of her, I feel like giving up.

I really DON'T get where the damn problem is. We met each other coincidentally in Braddell station on Thursday and so we walked together to school. For that five minutes, it was so.. weird. We had nothing to talk about, seriously. Then when I went home with Girlgirl on Thursday, we laughed together like crap and just kept talking. From school to Braddell station to the train to Amk stop, it was about ten minutes. & we just kept talking. Seriously. Whyyyyyyy. *don't get it* & she makes me feel like a loser. Like I don't know what's going on in track or what tests she has and whatever other stuff. But she knows like every other thing I have in my schedule. I actually feel quite sad cus of that. Hahaha ._. & I don't think she quite understood why I wanted to be in track after I knew her. Bleah.

Anw talking about Maan's depressing. Lets talk about other stuff! Goal-setting for term two! Should I wake up and get serious now? O.o Sapph keeps telling me to take my time (she's such a bad influence), but somehow I feel that time's not giving me the chance to TAKE MY TIME. On a random note, I still think Sorry Sorry's awesome :D & Sorry Sorry remix is the bomb. So is It's You and It's You remix. Wooh!
Okay yes anw we were saying. Yeah! Time's passing so quickly. & yeah quite sian actually. We're gonna graduate in a matter of nine months. Actually less than that. & yeah, tsk :/ OHOH, & Mrs Goh is leaving us for a course >< Some course to let her be a principal thingy. Ofc we're happy for her but it's inevitable to feel sad ): I kept tearing when she talked to us on Wednesday morning. She cried before she even talked and omg la. So hard to hold my tears back :/ When Flower and Sarah talked to me too, I kept feeling my tears well up in my eyes. I don't know why but yeah that's what happened. Maybe all the stress is accumulating again. Rah. & I never knew Maan cried in school. I saw her cry during the House Comm election thing. & when she passed me one stack of lit notes, she told me there was a section that was blank cus "Apparently I was crying in the toilet." :/ & yeah it's things like that that make me feel even worse, obviously.

Kay my breakfast is here! I'm on a vegetarian diet! [No, I'm kidding.] Debated between a healthy breakfast and Macs. Decided that my situps every night wouldn't work if I kept such an oily diet that'd just contribute more fats. Haha so I'm having beancurd which is supposed to have less fats! :D

Praying for everyone in this world to have a great Saturday/Friday/Sunday! (: Smile & stay healthy!

Yihui <3

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