2010-05-04, 9:49 p.m.

On the 28th, Heechul updated one of the photo albums on his minihompy with a anime picture and a long poetic caption. He wrote:

There is a friend of mine.

The friend�s Korean isn�t the best but he�s amazing at Chinese
This friend�s singing is alright but he is really good at dancing
I like cats and this friend likes dogs
I can�t cook but this friend is good at cooking
I always cursed but this friend always laughed

Now that time has passed, I never did anything good for him kk
It�s making me sorry..
When he was next to me, I never did anything nice to him kk

I don�t self-pity myself usually..
I think I�m just drunk which is why I�m crying kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

It�s a special and sacred thing to have someone beside you
Though I grew up, I never realized that

A lot later�.Now I know.. Wow..kkkk

There�s a reason why you should appreciate what you have

Saying �I miss him� is a phrase I can use now. (-┏)

The tears that never came out when I filmed sad scenes
Are coming down painfully now.

I just felt like posting this. Sigh >< Their comeback is confirmed, 13th May. But this time, it doesn't seem like 13th May will belong to 13 people >< Hankyung's leaving, Kibum's not participating, Kangin's enlisting.. Sigh, how many things can change in a year?

Okay & I still cannot believe that I cried in school in front of Miss Lee today. Wanted to die after that -.- & I thought I'd been holding it in quite well alr >< damn it I should've cried last night. Oh wait, I slept for 12 hours straight! Form 6pm to 6am. Yeah maybe that explains why I'm not feeling sleepy yet. I got English homework to complete by tmr, yep. I'll do compre and summary later and leave essay for tmr. & I stupidly told Miss Lee my grandma was dying. Touchwood!! She's not going to die! She's going to recover and join us for trips! :) okay self-denial. But yes I do hope my granny will recover soon.

I felt so dumb sobbing today >< haven't cried in public for a long while. Ahgirl, Cheok, Sherms saw. Much as though they're my good friends, sometimes I don't want them to see the other side of me ><

OMG just received an email from sjfb. Donghae is the sweetest thing ever!!!!! He made me tear again )))): this is what he wrote on his cyworld :

100504 Donghae cyworld updates


한경, 강인, 기범 사랑해^^

Hankyung, Kangin, Kibum (I) love you^^


남 들 이 뭐 라 건 귀 에 들 리 지 도 별 로 신 경 쓰 고 싶 지 않 다 .

13� & E.L.F

no matter what people says� No matter what I hear� I won�t care.
13� & E.L.F

Ohman, Donghaeeeee ahhhhhhh!! ): ahhh I'm alr sad enough and you've gotta do this kinda thing to make me even more upset ): ohman, I am so very touched now. Donghae is really an awesome person. Actually, everyone is an awesome member in Suju. That's why we can't do without any of them.

Okay enough of emo-ing. Tmr will be a better day. Damn it, my itunes has to play Happy Together now. When they are so not. *cries*

By the way, I feel so lost without my phone, seriously. & my uncle forgot to drop by my house today, so I have to live without my phone for a couple of days cus he says since it's not urgent, we could leave it till a little later. OBVIOUSLY IT IS URGENT RIGHT, TO ME. I THINK IT'S FLOODED WITH SMSES ALR. & MISSED CALLS. FREAK LAAAAA. BUT I CAN'T POSSIBLY TELL HIM "OH UM ACTUALLY IT'S URGENT." RETARDED CRAP.

Rah. Okay. Enough of emoing and lamenting. It's time to do work.

& I'm sorry this is so random but sometimes I really hope Maan can do something to show that she actually cares about me. Sometimes it's not what someone does, it's who does it. Sigh ><


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