2010-05-10, 11:13 p.m.

Okay Bonamana just came out today and to be honest, I'm a teeny weeny bit disappointed. But again, what better song could they come up with better than Sorry Sorry?

I'm currently setting in on repeat mode to get the song growing on me. Hopefully it does, it's not really sticking in my head yet ._. ohwell. The mv will be tons better :D:D:D

Today's night study was surprisingly productive! I was quite surprised, hahaha! I finished 50 pages of notes-copying. I'll start Chem tmr, I guess. Unless I don't do like Math tonight so I can do Lit. Then start Chem later. AHHHHHHH think I'll skip Math :P

Sorry Sarah, I'll finish it over the weekends, I DEFINITELY WILL!

Prelim papers came back today and I didn't do that well. A2 again, 72%. Although it'll be A1 if I add my oral marks but I can never seem to score A1 with just my papers alone ): I scored A2 for my essay, A1 for letter and A2 for Paper II. Sigh, so sick of getting A2s. What must I do to get that 3 marks ): & I'm always stuck at 72 marks. Rah. 72 marks or 72% ._.

Failed bio miserably, 10/30. Cal and Ness didn't do that well too! So I was quite happy :D (like I'm not alone, yknow?) & I passed with a B4 for vectors test!! Happppppppppy! (: it's a start :D

Darling baby lent me her book again, so kind of her (: I'll try to hurry and return her her book! I just realised we're tested on ABS, Speed of reaction and Atmosphere this test ): better start now, hahaha.

Super Junior hwaiting ♥ Donghae's voice is surprisingly sexy in this song <3 & Eunhyukkie HAS LINES! & OHOHOH RYEOWOOK HAS A FREAKING SOLO SONG! *LOVES* YESUNG AND KYUHYUN SANG THIS DUET TOGETHER TOO <3333 CAN'T WAIT!

Yihui <3

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