2010-05-28, 4:45 a.m.

Yawns. Woke up after a 2-hour nap to eat my bird's nest. Gonna sleep after I post this.

Man, I'm loving the song Sorry (Dear Daddy) by f(x). Somehow I'm beginning to miss dad too, thanks to this song. Sigh >< Maybe my immature self's said things that've hurt him before. Maybe more than once. But well, the love just doesn't decrease, does it?

Wanted to post yday but I was sleeping over at Swee's house and they were all hogging the comp so I couldn't post. But anw YDAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Technically anw :D I'll start studying chinese tmr. Like memorise good sentences. Sigh >< I'm only studying cus Maan told me to ._. otherwise I'll never touch my materials for Chinese ever.

Anw I talked to Maanmaan today!! Happy happy :) huggggged her, she still felt as skinny as ever! Sigh, she's so worrying. Dono why she lost so much weight too >< & I cannot understand why I did not notice her loss in weight until people started telling me. Am I that oblivious to everyone? ><

On a brighter note, happy that we finally settled Dawn Lim's and Miss Rockey's appreciation video! Left with 7 more to go! Imma do Cym's tmr -.- disgusting.

Okay I'm tired. My eyes are swelling up. Cried just now cus of Suju again. They are really just so awesome <3 Leeteuk, our fallen angel especially :) I wish I could be like him. How do you get along with 12 other members so easily? Wow.

Kkay, g'night! Or rather, good morning!

Yihui <3

/edit : I was thinking why the sky wasn't exactly pitch dark at this hour. It's cus the beautiful moon's out and it's so bright tonight. Can't see any stars cus of that but at least I have one attached to my heart always :) <3

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