2010-06-04, 1:55 p.m.

Finally finished watching 败犬女王.

Wasn't that fantastic of a show but it was really funny at some parts. Especially JJ! He's hilarious!! Gosh I want that kind of humour too ): but yeah anw I've finally finished watching the show and I do not intend to start on a new show! Also since I'm not gonna touch my comp after June, I gotta finish all the things I wanna do online before my holidays end! I'm leaving on the 20th, so technically my Singapore holidays end on the 19th ): which leaves me with 15 more days to complete homework and revision notes. Honestly, that's not alot of days. Damnnnn, & what am I doing now? Still fishing dkp for Suju news. Sigh, honestly. I need to stop being so addicted to them >< after all, for a group that doesn't know me, are they worth so much of my time? My life needs to stop revolving around them; I guess it's fine if I treat them as my inspiration but my life shouldn't be about checking dkp the moment I open ie. Sigh.

Mummy said she'd bring me to go pray for my exams. I think I'll pray for a quiet, peaceful heart. & sigh, my mom must be having a hard time. I wonder what's going to happen from now on. Just when I thought everything was going well with my gran's recovery, this has to happen. Sigh.

Oh man, I bet Sha's working really hard for her exams now. I haven't seen her online for awhile! I've gotta be like that too >< Dad said she's really focused. She asks him loads of questions on Trig and what not. Sigh. So depressing.

I'm really sleepy now. But I just ate, should I nap? Maybe it's cus of my flu that makes me feel like sleeping. The throat and nose's been getting to me for the whole day now. & freaking Susan Lim rejected my letter. She said she'd closed the deadline alr. God damn it, I wouldn't have gone to print it yday then. So stupid. I mean, it's certainly not Esther's fault but she did say just hand it in in Week 1 -.-

I feel very sorry to Esther too >< I was biased against her previously because of what happened between her and Maan. But well, I guess there's a full stop to everything. She's a really nice person. Patient, kind, lively, really awesome. I hope there won't be anymore idiots like me in future who'll misunderstand her.

Life is seriously depressing. I asked how Zoey survived last year. She said she ended up crying nearly everyday (?) and sigh, my tears can't come out. Maybe that's why I feel worse? I want to tell Maan but she's suffering so much alr. Her health is really getting to me >< anorexia and insomnia at the same time? It's very bad for the health >< I hope I'm wrong though.

Alright so Miss Rockey's, Dawn Lim's, Cym's, Mrs Tian's done! I have 4 more teachers to do :D Doris Tan's, Miss Lee's, Mrs Brenda Tan's. Oh that's 3! Sherms'll do Sherwood's :D awesomeeee.

I'll do later. I'm really sleepy. & I'm gonna sneeze again. I can feel it comingggggggg. Okay it's not coming. Rah.

Napzxz time.

Yihui <3

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