2010-06-14, 12:49 a.m.

Happppy birthday to me.. Haha :)

I really dreaded my birthday this year. Cus it marks the end of 2 weeks of holidays. Sigh.

It's the first time I'm spending my birthday this year without daddy with me. Feels weird somehow. I teared up when he said Happy Birthday to me over the phone just now. I hate how hearing people wish me Happy Birthday or how I wish people can get me tearing up. I think I miss Dad loads. He asked to speak to Mom just now just to tell her to give me a red packet for my birthday. I was so.. speechless. It's the first time someone actually remembered to ask someone else to give me a red packet. Mama or kuku never bothered.. Ahhh I'm crying like shit. Because it means so damn much to me.

I felt pretty sad just now too cus Maan refused to budge. I really want to go to her place, like just once. To know where it is and stuff. I don't have to go to her house, I just want to know where her house is. But she totally rejected the idea. I was sad but I guess, I don't want her to do anything she's reluctant to. So I'll check her house out.. Maybe some other day. Maybe tmr. I'll see.

14th June. June 14. It used to be a day I looked forward to. I remember I'd count down the days when I was a primary kid. & think how slowly time was passing. But now my birthday arrived in no time. I can't believe it's so soon. Totally can't.

& Ahgirl doesn't remember my birthday. She msged me at 12. As in, replied my msg. Lol. Cheok forgot too. Sigh. Nevermind. I should be used to it by now.

Alrights, bedtime. I'm tired. Very. Many thanks to Joel for acting as my substitute daddy these few days. But maybe that's why I started missing Daddy more these few days. Tired tired. An entire day of tys. I'm so frustratd over the sums I don't know how to do. But I mustn't give up. I know I mustn't.

Congrats to our boys for triple crown on Inki <3

Yihui <3

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