2010-06-15, 1:38 a.m.

& 24 hours is officially over! My birthday is over! I'm 16! :)

Okay this birthday is really.. weird. But it's gotta to be the most special one too. Not only did Joel celebrate it with me, Maan did too :) instead of just the usual folks.

Okay my entire day went like this. After the clock struck 12 yday, I came online on fb to post some stuff and had to see the pictures Anyssa uploaded of herself with Donghae and Siwon. So fine, I went to sleep after that. I didn't wanna set alarm cus it was my bloody birthday. So I slept. & woke up at 10. The time Sherms was supposed to meet me at my carpark. LOL.

I woke up after I sat on my bed. It hit me that it was 10 and I hurried to wash up and dress. We were supposed to go to PS to get Cheok's presents. Hahahha :D So funny :D We went to Daiso, this really cheapskate place which sells everything at 2 bucks and bought her a wallet and a box and a pink file! Then we went to comics connection to get her laminated pictures of Sungmin! After that, we went to get her a wallet and waterbottle. Hahahha :) she came, CHANGED INTO HER GUANGZHOU DRESS, & met us. Hahahaha! So hilarious. Ohyes, throughout the whole train ride from Amk to Douhby Ghaut, we were talking about how interested Ahgirl was in talking about Joel and basically our whole conversation was JOEL. LOL.

Then! We went to eat. Did we? Yeah kfc. Hahaha, went to cinema after that to find out that karate kid started at 3. So we went to City Hall's. Karate kid started at 3.30. What the fish right. But whatever, we bought it. It's not bad! It was quite hilarious at certain parts of the show and the end got me tearing :/ & Joel had to sms me in the middle of the movie and I can't type without looking at the keypad for this phone yet, so I kept looking at my keypad to type and Ahgirl kept saying "Can you please concentrate on the movie." Hahaha. Ayeee then after that. OH. He asked me if I can go supper with him when he wants to go makan. So after the whole thing, I decided to have this mass gathering! LOL. I called Joel and asked him if he could come. HAHAHHAA. He asked why, then I said "Uh.. cus.. it's my birthday.." & then he said he'd come. He's so sweet. Hahaha, but I had something more important to do, so I left them at PS and went off first.

& I was off to Yishun! Had to go meet my baby no matter what. Last year I was overseas. This year I postponed my trip just so that I could be in sg on my birthday. & I swore I'd see her this year :) & I did. So freaking happy she agreed to meet me at her place! Omg laaa she's so scary. Asked her like a thousand times before she agreed to let me go. What the pong! So anw, we met up and walked like. Pasar malam and Northpoint! But the zhong dian of the zhong dian is, WE MET THIS GUY WHO LIKED HER IN NORTHPOINT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. OMG SO FUNNYYYY! She was so mean to him! She wouldn't reply his msgs and he stalked her! What the pong! What a sick guy. Luckily she's safe, hahaha :D & then. OH. We talked abit more then I left her. She bought me tons of things to eat LOL. Really love Maanmaan, she's so freaking awesome please. We walked and she kept asking me what I wanted to eat. Actually I didn't want to eat but she kept asking, so I felt very pressurised to consent to her wishes. Hahahaha she's so niceee :) I spent like. Abit of her money today :D & she was so hung up on this cake! Omg la! Kept telling her it was fine but she wouldn't listen! Hahaha that silly darling, she's so adorable :)

Although I cried when I left her, I thought I recovered quite quickly. I was wondering why did I never notice how thin she'd become. She was really like a stick. When I looked at her from afar. Maybe because everytime I look at her, it's her face only. & I never noticed her face much >< But when she walked a distance, the change was very noticeable. Sigh, my poor baby <3 I hope the medicine works. & she recovers her appetite for food soon <3

So anw. I CHIONGED BACK TO CITY HALL. LOL. I RAN LIKE NEARLY THE WHOLE DISTANCE. I brisk-walked from the road to Yishun station, stood in the train for half an hour, got out of City Hall station and started sprinting. Wahpiang. Really run and run and run. My heart was hurting like shit (LITERALLY). It felt like. Lack of oxygen. Then wah the feeling was horrible. It really felt damn painful. But whatever, I was like "Shit I can't ask them to help me celebrate and make them wait.", so I sprinted. Ran all the way and finally I found it. Hahaha helped myself to Joel's food the moment I reached. I wasn't hungry la but the food was there. Hahaha so eat lor. Ended up eating Sherms's leftovers and abit of Joel's food. & then he started telling us stories. Omg he's freaking hilarious. We laughed until neighbouring tables were looking at us. Hahahaha! Then after that. Went to walk abit. Sherms & Cheok had to leave. So left girlgirl, Joel and I. We were zi-highing by ourselves. As in, Ahgirl and I. Hahahha! Then finally girlgirl had to leave, so I told Joel to send her home cus I called Sapph to ask if she wanted to go to the Singapore River with me. Then he asked me then what're you going to do, & I said I'm waiting for my sis. So ANW, the point is. He left looking.. abit peeved? With girlgirl. & I was left alone.

The effects were instantaneous. I was watching their reflections fade further and further into the background before my tears fell. Maybe it was the day's stress that was finally released. I felt like crying in the day but I thought it's my birthday. Oh actually I did cry. I teared when Dad yelled over the phone for the damn Emath email. I teared in front of all of them. So embarrassing. Well anw, yes I started crying. Like crap. I cried for a good 10 minutes. Just non-stop. Cried and I cried and I cried. Don't know what was wrong with me too. I felt so good after crying. & I know I needed to be alone to cry. I couldn't cry in front of girlgirl, much less Joel. So I had to find a way to make them leave. So sorry, Joel >< but I didn't want to cry in front of you.

So I called Sapph and said I didn't want to go to the River anymore and I was heading home. That was about. 20 minutes after they left? So I made my way to the station. & I decided to read Baby's note on the train. Bad idea. I cried like immediately. As in, cried. Not teared. My tears hit my lap and I was conscious of my surroundings only then. People'd think I was crazy. I stuffed it back and made my way home. Lol.

So yep, that was my day. How awesome can it get. I got my wish and spent my day with Baby! <3<3 & Joel was nice enough to agree to come down to eat with us even though it was so out of the way! & to my great friends: Sherms, Cheok & girl! Thanks loads, I really enjoyed today with your company! :) just that.. I have no idea why I felt so emo today. But it's certainly not because of you guys! :)

Anw, many thanks to ganjie, Nicoles, Sherms, Cheok, Marie, Rasey, Sherylynn, Rasey, Vernice, Ness, Cal, Joel, Sapph, Justin mama, Kerrui and Shirlene for wishing me a happy birthday! :) Really appreciate it, whether it was on fb or sms! Thank youuuuuuu! :)

Okay I think I cried enough today. Feeling very tired now. But I gotta eat my bird's nest first. Ugh. I hate and love today. Haha. Ohwell.

& with that, I'm finally 16! I wonder how my 2nd day of 16 years old will be tmr? For one, I told myself I have to clear my table. Hahaha. Lets hope I manage to do it.

Yihui <3

P.S. Special thanks to Marie for remembering my birthday and smsing me specially to tell me I was special! :) Special thanks to Baby for making my day so much better :) You're really awesome <3 & lastly special thanks to my dearest laoba (Joel) for making the effort to come down today! I know it was very inconvenient but you still came! Thank you so muchhhhh :) <3s to all!!

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