2010-07-02, 7:54 p.m.

Teukkie's got to be the most adorable leader everr! He was practically smiling/grinning throughout the whole performance just now!

Well it wasn't only him. Everyone, from Leeteuk to Kyuhyun, with the exception of Kangin, Kibum and Hankyung, was smiling and looked genuinely happy. I'm sure the emptiness in their hearts weren't filled up but they still managed to smile so radiantly for us Elfs. They honestly looked so happy. If someone didn't know about what's been happening after Hankyung's contract termination or Kangin's hiatus, he/she'd definitely thought that Super Junior was a group of 10.

The best part was. As I watched the video, their smiling faces, I started tearing. How long have they not smiled like that. Sigh. Feel so glad for them, yet I know the feeling of having to mask your unhappiness more clearly than anyone else. Still, I hope they enjoy themselves on stage! When they're on stage, the stage is theirs, their audience is us! :) Even Heechul was smiling, can you believe it? & it wasn't that kinda fanservice kinda smirk or grin; he looked like he was truly enjoying himself. How rare :)

Okay back to Sg. 2nd of July is going to be over very soon. I gotta sort Maan's notes out before I sleep tonight. I'd totally hibernate if only I didn't have to wake up at 5am tmr morning for Sports Day. Sigh. Slept 3 hours only last night. Was intending not to sleep but Joel kept making noise. So I went to sleep at 3. Otherwise I'd probably have stayed up. Although I was feeling abit :/ that I couldn't mug for Amath, I felt like Dad was talking to me for that few smses we sent to each other. Whenever Dad came home from work every night and saw me still up when I had school the next day, he'd start preaching and blahblahblah. Kinda miss that now that I haven't seen him in a couple of months. Since May or April? Can't remember. Ah well. Enough of that. He's totally gonna flip when he sees my Amath Differentiation/Integration paper. I totally flunked it. 5/8 blanks I think. I gave Ms Rockey this :/ smile. I feel so sorry towards her. Like not putting in all my effort etc. & failing her tests >< we're meeting on Tuesday. To talk about me dropping Amath. But the thing is. I want to drop. But I'll feel that I'm disappointing Dad and Ms Rockey. Even Sapph said it's stupid to drop subjects. Sigh. Then .. ><

Hate this. Sleepy. Wanna sleep. Maybe I should do Maan's stuff tmr? She went home without saying bye to me today again ): Sigh.

Yihui <3

P.S. Super Junior hwaiting ♥ I wish all of you could smile like that everyday. From the bottom of your hearts.

I wish I could too.

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