2010-07-03, 7:18 p.m.

Oh my god. I died and I came back alive.

Today's perf was really.. Beyond awesome. Even Kyu looked happier than yday. Maybe he got some sleep. I don't know. Donghae looked happier too :) Heenim looked as if he couldn't contain his laughter when he sang his part! But otherwise everyone was around the same- equally happy :) Teukkie was grinning more cheekily yday though. Hahaha!

Sigh, the joy Suju can bring me. This is exactly why I love them. I literally forget all my worries in that 4 minutes of watching them deliver such a wonderful performance. Teukkie & Yesung were like looking at the cam before the song even started. That totally took my breath away. Then Hyukkie blew a kiss. Woah omg *faints* After that it was just the usual. Sungmin & Ryeowook did their funny stunt today again. So super cute and funny :) & when Shindong did the 'Naega naega michyeo baby', Heenim & Kyu smirked behind and Heechul looked as if he was going to laugh out loud. Donghae was smiling very broadly too. Who else did I leave out? Oh Donghae was wearing this plain white tee with jeans and belt. & looked so effing hot. Hyuk looked cuteee as usual <3 Wookie was cute too. & today Teukkie said "Saranghae" to the Elfs. Lovelovelove <3 Haha, they really rock big time. Woohoooo!

Okay enough of Sj :D Sports day was today, & it's over! Woooh finally. It wasn't that fun. The enthusiasm level was so low. We literally had to yell our bloody lungs out to get them rahrah-ing. Irritating. Amanda did like loads. By the time it was 10 I think, her voice was nearly gone alr. She's seriously awesome. Hahahaha she's really. Now I understand why Flower, Lina and Sarah are so in awe of her. She really gained my respect from this Sports day :)

Okay. Shan't talk about the miserable stuff. I NEED TO STUDY. But I feel like sleeping. Wl. But I just finished dinner so I can't sleep. Sigh. I'll sleep at 8, I think. I'm damn tired. Then wake up at.. 5 tmr? To mug :) I wanna finish my notes first. Then when Revision tests come, just mug :D

Done with History, not close to finishing Chem at all with 5 more Organic Chem chapters. Hopefully I can finish them tmr. One entire day to finish writing. You think it's possible? Lol. Otherwise I gotta finish Chem notes on Monday cus the Revision test is this coming Friday. After that, complete the tys by Thursday. Meeting Ms Rockey on Tuesday to talk about.. Yeah. Sigh.

Okie, I'll start writing my notes for Chem now. Lets hope I last till 8!

Yihui <3

P.S. Xinling freaking used Bonamana and Rdd remixed! But I only heard "To my baby, to my baby!" SIAN ):

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