2010-09-24, 10:31 p.m.

Ah my previous post didn't get through.

Ponned school today but it was a damn unproductive day :/ movie-ed just now. Did my quota for Math but still have 3 chapters of Chem to cover. Think I'll sleep after covering atm.

I was reading Sapph's blog just now. Her most recent post made me cry. Hang on let me copy and paste..

'Work work! Today marks the day of my baby sister riding (meaning she's the driver) of the motorcycle for the first time! Her tough bicycle-learning curve came into use and it was much easier this time. Which was obviously much good since it'll be way more painful falling from a motorbike than from a bicycle. :P

We're all late bloomers in these areas compared to our cousins, but much earlier than the bunch of suakus in Singapore, ie whoever's reading this atm. :P There is a certain pride in watching her ride the bike, haha! Like watching my own kid or something. <3'

It hit me cus. When she was on the bike behind me, she kept saying letting me drive and everything was so unsafe and how I was so noob etc. I honestly thought she thought that way. I wouldn't have thought she felt pride in watching me ride the bike. Sometimes I find that the closer someone is to you, the more you don't understand that someone.

Tired. After crying over what I read. Feel quite sorry towards Sapph too. Don't know if it's the age gap between us or just cus we're sisters but she can't tell me many stuff cus I won't understand, won't empathise, whatever. But if given a choice, I'd still choose to be her sister. Cus she has more than one friend but only one sister, which is me :)

Okie. Supper. Bird's nest. What am I doing with all these nutrients. Please transport more to the brain!! Don't let it all accumulate at the tummy! The brain the brain!!

Yihui <3

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