2010-11-25, 4:14 a.m.

FINALLY I'm posting about this week! Many many updates! Lets start from prom!

I was terribly late. Left the house late, forgot BURBERRY shawl, went back to take. By the time we left my house again, it was 5. (I was supposed to meet them at 5.) I kept answering calls that went "I'm on my way.." hahhahaha. So anw we reached. I hurriedly changed. Forgot to take Mok and Shu's letters with me. & the stupid dress had to give me trouble. We couldn't zip it no matter how hard we tugged at it. So I had to use the shawl to cover it for the entire night. Thank god I had the shawl. & more than anything else, thank god I had Sapph. What would I do without her man. I'd just freak out by myself, most probably.

Prom was pretty enjoyable even though the food wasn't up to standard. I was exhausted before it even started. Everyone looked so pretty. Kim looked very model-like, with her dress and shoes. It was the look I was trying to go for but cus of my dress and shoes, failed terribly. I looked wayyyy different. Without specs and with makeup + hair done. I thought I looked like 陈欣怡 hahaha. Maybe not the makeup part but the hair!! It was the hair she wore when she went for the auction! Sapph's idea :D I only wanted the curls but she suggested the ponytail. Otherwise I'd look old. Thank god for her suggestion cus many only did the curls :) someone told me I looked like Sharon Aw, I forgot who. It was quite the enjoyable night.

Hotel was the best part. We totally bullied Cheok tgt. She paid 94 bucks to sleep on the window sill with a pathetic bath robe and towel while we paid 94 bucks to sleep on the comfortable bed with a warm conforter. LOL. Slept at 5, then the next day we got up at like 9. Pillow-fought. Bullied cheok again. LOL. It'll all stay as good memories.

Went for a filling lunch after that with the councillors to discuss about chalet. Then decided on kbox (supposedly councillors outing) but we got bever to join us later. Was quite enjoyable too.

That was yday. Okay then today. Technically 4 hours ago (Wednesday), I got up at 12. Gave Ms Lim my files. Etcetc. Then Kerrui & Shannen came. Gave Shannen bio stuff and I gave Kerrui the rest. She's such an angel. I wonder what I did to meet people like that.

Napped, from 4 to 8 haha. Got up, dinner-ed, mahjonged. 3 rounds, 3 ka. Played from 8 plus to 3 plus. Amazing, seriously. Luck was on my side today, won 100. Technically 10 bucks only haha.

Chalet tmr. Not looking forward to it exactly. Not with how I screwed up with Kim this afternoon. Tired ><

I'm the only one up in the house. Think I won't even sleep by 5. What should I do ._.

I'm so sick of everything. I'm so glad chalet's gonna be the last thing I'm organising. Cus I am really fucking tired.

Morning world,

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