2010-12-06, 11:18 p.m.

How long have I not posted omg. Many updates anw!

Went to queue for SS3 tickets early this morning which made me pretty cranky cus I didn't get any sleep at all. & I didn't understand why the fuck I was the only one queueing when I was buying for my sister and her friends as well. Am I their slave or what -.-

Mum couldn't be bothered to notice that I was in pain. Very bad pain. & I think it just came back >< My stomach started hurting at 2plus in the morning yday and it carried on till 4plus. Which is why I think I got up easily at 5. It was so painful I was calling for my mother but she just didn't bother. It's been awhile since I felt this weak. & unwanted.

Was feeling weak just now too when I was bathing. Visited the doctor just now but she said it's nothing serious. Is it in the mind omg. I think I might be hallucinating. There's always that possibility no?

& I can't believe I'm done with goong! :( it's an amazing show! I absolutely loved it! MY YULLLLLLL <3 he's like so freaking adorable. He's a mix of Ryeowook, Jaejoong and Ahwei LOL. But towards the end I thought he resembled Ahwei the most. He is really so cute. Compared to Shin, that is. I still hoped that he'd end up with Chaekyung even though I know it's not possible -.- he's really so cute so cute so cute! Ughhh stomach is cramping again. Anw, I'm thinking if I should rewatch it hahahahaha.

I'm going to bed. Feeling weak and tired. I slept at 11 plus this morning and got up at 6.15pm. 8 hours exactly. & I'm feeling tired alr. Hahaha.

Sleep sleep. I'm so into goong right now <3 Mama~ Pi-gum mama~ & YULLLLL <3

Yihui <3

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