2010-12-26, 2:49 a.m.

Merry Christmas! & yes I always seem to be a few hours late :( hahaha.

So.. I haven't updated for quite some time? Life's been screwed. Pretty much screwed. We didn't inform Cheok about a breakfast that was cancelled and she travelled all the way to J8 only to see herself present. Went to visit her house the next day with Subway IN THE MORNING to apologise and it was so awkward in the morning but it got better. We were completely fine by the afternoon :D That was yday. Out for an entire day.

This week has been hectic. Today was even worse. Today as in. Christmas. Yeah. Dragged myself out of bed at 855. Met Maan at her place. Gave her her presents. Came up to sit at her house for awhile. I was so amazed. I saw tons of trophies. All hers. Medals too. All hers. Her house is a mess. Her dajie was, I have to admit, out of my expectations. Her erjie was within mine haha. They're both awfully nice though. In their own different way. She's pretty lucky to have them for sisters :)

So yes anw. After that. I left. Went to Serangoon to wait for Xinling only to find out that she couldn't make it today. So I went to J8 and bought popular stuff and became a member there. Went to hub to buy Pretz and other stuff. Went home. Slacked. Until 5 plus. Trained to TAMPINES to look for my dear Maan zomg. It was so freaking far. I never knew Tampines was so far! We trained for almost an hour, I believe! We finally reached, then we got lost for awhile. Then reached Popular, gave her a pleasant surprise, had Long Johns for dinner, & went back to rot around until she knocked off and we came together to her house.

All in all, I don't know how I managed to convince myself to stay over at her house for a night and yes here I am, posting at her house. Her aircon is freezing me though haahahha. & she snores when she sleeps! How cute :D I'm trying to cure mine though. Searched online and they said weight loss will help. & so will not eating 4h before your sleep help. HEHE. Hope it works :P

Not sleeping tonight, gonna be some walking zombie tmr when we go shop for clothes. Sigh.

Then the. Denise! She keeps thinking it got awkward cus of her! Sigh ._. Was just trying to cheer her up. I hope she didn't think too much ><

Time to stone. All the way until. 8.

Tata and much loves,
Yihui <3

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