2011-01-19, 1:19 a.m.

Feels like ages since I updated. Many things've happened as usual. Lets talk about recently?

Went out today, buffet-ed & cycled with Bever, Sherms, Nicole, Ness, Cheok + went out with Girlgirl & co. It was tiring, I have a feeling I won't be able to walk out of bed tmr haha. & yes not going out tmr :) happy though I don't know what I'm gonna do. Just happy at the prospect of not needing to dress up and go out. Going out on Thursday to find presents (hopefully cheap) for Kerrui & Zoey. & hopefully for Sherms & Ness too since theirs is on 7th Feb and we're celebrating. That's 4 presents omg. What a waste of money >< & vday presents OH MY GOD.

I guess some things happened yday. Maan smsed me out of the blue and told me she's gonna mug real hard and try to get an overseas scholarship. Had mixed feelings when I read it. I mean, it's not an issue for her. She doesn't need to try too hard to get that scholarship. I guess it's something we can't change. Or rather, a difference I can't change no matter how hard I try. I don't seem to be able to get the results I want despite my efforts all the time. Yet after all this, I'm still expected to 'not give up'. After awhile, I really don't see any point. I guess I was upset cus I gave going overseas up completely for her. In a way. But now she intends to go overseas and ditch me here. That's nice. I'm quite sure I'd have been able to convince my dad but I stopped trying. I remember asking Sapph too. If she'd give up going overseas for a friend. & she said no. Cus she'll turn bitter if their friendship distances in future. & yeah, it's happening to me (._. karma much) since yknow, her old friends are all going to hc. What an awesome gathering. Sherbelle, Wanqi (I think) and all her other 2 faith friends. I'm just wondering how distant we'll get. Or how long we can last. But ofc it's the same with Sherms, Cheok etc. People whom I won't see everyday anymore.

Feel better. Think I can get to sleep now. Even though I am exhausted. Shall see if I have the energy to run tmr.


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