2011-03-04, 11:12 p.m.

I can't even remember when was the last time I updated! Was it recent? Hahaha anw much to update! :D

School's been abit of a bore. My Math lecturers suck. One out of two of the Math tutors's decent. The other sucks cus. He's one of my lecturers. LOL. Have a AP FA on Monday! MUST ACE IT MANNNN I FAILED BINOMIAL PATHETICALLY :( 3/12! So sad but it was only cus I didn't know how to solve my partial fractions :( I'll read up anw :D

History's exhausting. I feel like I've gone to war after a history lecture. Tutorial's not so bad. Lectures just kill. Should've done lit >< Ashley just told me yday that lit's openbook during As! RAWR. Ohwell. Need to last/endure!! One year plus more and I'll be done with History for the rest of my life. Tons of readings to do as well. Sian ttm.

Econs is just so darn interesting! My lecturer's so cool too! He didn't come today cus of As' release and some Indian lady took over him and she sucked totally. Just read off the slides/notes. Goodness. But yes, if Econs stays this interesting, I might be able to do well! :)

H1 Chem's like harddd. Can't imagine what'd happen if I took H2. No spa, awesome much. Should be able to ace it too. No, I must ace it. There's no excuse for me to not ace my Chem if there's no spa. But our first CA's on Mole which I really suck at :(

My class is pretty awesome. I've this clique with like Rachel, Sammy & Jayda. Hahaha but overall not bad. Couple of two weirdos but we'll manage. Boaz is plain eccentric. Gosh. Winston can get abit awkward at times cus he's awkward with expressing himself. My class guys. Cmi ttm.

The one thing that's extremely incredible's my cca. It's fun, the people're amazing. What more could I ask for. I have unbelievable seniors. Help me, coach me etc. With not only bowling but some matters in academics too. Totally awesome. & they're very entertaining! Haha my J1 girlfriends are great too! Esp Hui & Germ! :D:D <3

Went back to sn today to visit. Saw Ahgirl, Elysia, Becks, Sherylynn, Beatrice & Sarah! Pretty awesome. Met up with loads of juniors too haha.

Been a long day, I want to sleeeeep. I'll sleep yeah HAHA. Shall mug tmr. Can't believe my CAs are next week. Haven't had CAs for. 4 years. Gosh haha.

Yihui <3

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