2011-05-21, 7:04 p.m.

May is ending! So soon omg.

Have tons of things to do as usual, but my procrastination nature's acting up haha. But yes, I think I've found my motivation. If I'm not wrong.

Went to visit booths yday cus it was Think Careers' day and representatives from different universities came and well. I'm very very very keen on going overseas. I think. I don't know if it's escapism or just I want a change of environment but my dad made it very clear to me that I need to go on a scholarship. He was like "If you're just going to scrape past, just scrape past in local Us la." So yes, I need to pretty well for my Prelims next year for application I guess. But fortunately for Arts & Sciences, I don't have to do too well? Hahaha. & then few days ago, on Jing's tumblr, I saw a picture of Hermione. It was divided into three scenes and it read 'Brilliant. Beautiful. Brave.' Brilliant was of her in front of a cauldron holding her spellbook, Beautiful was her in her gown for the Yule Ball in GOB, Brave was when she was pointing her wand at something. Which is when I thought, I really want to be like her. She is really really such an inspiration. & in real life, she's brilliant and beautiful too. Which makes me wonder why life can be so unfair.

Been thinking about a lot of things recently. After my aunt left the family. They're siblings but they've completely fallen out with one another. I used to think this sort of drama only happened in shows. Never expected it to happen to my own family. Hope Sapph and I don't end up like that in future ><

Then went out with bowling people yday, quite alright but not fantastic. Got to bowl like finally. But it was rubbish games all the way except for the first which was only 140. Ah well.

Okay need to start filing, etc. Will update soon!

Yihui <3

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