2011-05-08, 3:18 p.m.

MUCH TO UPDATE. This is gonna be such a long post.

Where should I start. Ohno, haven't updated for so long I don't even know where to start now.

Alright so. Let's start with the boring, dreary stuff. School's been a real bore, besides the occasional excitement that surfaces when something funny happens. Clique's alright, I don't wanna be greedy. School work's piling up like there's no tmr. Going to daddy's office later to finish history. I have this week's tutorials to finish plus next week's. Ohno :( Econs tutorial.. & Math tutorial. Plus Chem qns 13-16. Oh man. Thank god for the holiday tmr. I'll aim to finish all my History tutorials by today. Maybe Econs too. Then Math.. Another day hahaha.

Moving on, Adivs are finally finally over. Too soon, in fact, I feel. No more trngs for 2 months and worse, no more seeing of my J2s. Will miss the dinners, extensions with them. & all their rubbish. I cannot describe how awesome they are. I can only say I am too glad that I met them. All of them. Never had seniors like that before. I don't think I'm as close to my J1s. It's really over, & only 2 months ago was I discussing with Keith how soon everything'd be. Now it's really over. Feels quite surreal actually. But don't we all know how quickly time passes when we're having the time of our lives? Yingtian said it was the best days of her lives. It may very well just be mine too :) Just wanna say a huge thank you to all of them for everything. From coaching me (practically all of them've helped me before) to simple things like making my day and making me laugh, I hope they'll do well for As and all the best to them <3 & maybe, get the girl they want? I'm gonna print that picture for Hongwei during chalet :D

Ok I'm going to start filing! Till the next time I update!

Yihui <3

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