2011-06-18, 5:25 a.m.

Right, it's been four days since my birthday! But I haven't had time to post about it. This year's got to be one of my most special birthdays ^^

So.. Met Sherms, Girlgirl & Cheok at J8 Sakae for lunch. Sherms got me to write this card thing for Cheok (& I honestly thought they were only gonna write for her so I admit I did feel a little left out) but I replied with a smiley and said okay anyway. I LOL-ed when I saw Cheok's card and when I saw mine, I was really really just so touched. Could tell loads of effort went into it. They were really a bunch of awesome people. & they even stayed with me to get my bowling chalet bbq stuff and waited with me for my sister. What would I do without friends like these man, I have no idea at all.

So anyway. I left J8 at 7. & reached nsrcc at 8 omg. Cus Sapph and I were talking about SIA share and we missed the turning so we kinda spent the next 10 minutes travelling on that long, lonely highway hahaha. Marina and I kept in contact and she told me "Call us when you're reaching" so I did think that they planned something for me but I didn't want to be disappointed so I forced myself not to think about it. When we reached, they came out to get me. Got the drinks. Went to the bungalow. When we got to the unit, I was thinking how come it's so dark. Then they started giggling behind me and I remembered feeling so happy. Then they opened the door and Keith walked out with the birthday cake. I remember seeing people slide out of the curtains ahahaha and then they sang a birthday song for me. I nearly cried but I held it in. I was really touched. Turned out that Yijing prepared it for me. Hahahaha. It was really one of my best birthdays ever. Everyone was real nice to me and for once. I felt special. My 8-year old birthday didn't count. I sort of coerced my mum into celebrating it for me. This was, for as long as my memory goes, the first time people were celebrating for me on their own initiative. I felt wanted.. Special. Really. Thanks you guys, the present killed me as well. Prepared by Bee, I didn't think people'd write for me like that.. The joy was doubled cus when Garrett asked me about it I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. I got back to the chalet, checked Yijing's book and it was empty (cus she said it's meant for me to write things in) so I thought nothing of it. Then at night, when we were bbqing outside, Jerome asked if I'd read Marcius's poem and then I really didn't get them and asked what book are you guys talking about. Only then did Stacy tell me Bee prepared it. Then it hit me that it was probably in the box that she gave me. She gave me a box but I didn't exactly explore it. I just opened it and saw many things inside and I closed it subsequently lol. It was seriously one of my best gifts too. Marcius wrote me a poem that I really like.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Bowling would be such a bore,
Without the presence of you.

Beginning to miss all my J2s insanely much alr. I did feel that I bonded with at least a few of them. Hongwei cus I went to wake him up for water games and then I tickled him and he was so scared hahahaha. Jerome when we bbqed and made fun of each other, competing our bbq satay skills hahahahaha. Stacy, when she lent me her shoulder to sleep on in the cabs :) Keith when I went to wake him up as well hahaha. The rest were just about the same, I guess.

Gosh It's 6 alr. Should really get to sleep. I'll go for tuition if I can wake up tmr!

On a great note, thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I really did have a happy birthday, & I'm thankful for it.

Yihui <3

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