2012-03-08, 6:31 p.m.

Finally some time to update!!!! Hello everyone, it's March! (Although I know noone but me reads this HAHAHA)

Alright so did I update at all in Feb? I think only when I saw my Sihae right LOL. Okay so it's been really hectic and it's only going to get more hectic from here sigh. Term 2 is absolutely insane. & I screwed my History test today sigh :( but at least I know I can revise slightly less when it's midyears. Got to start on nationalism soon man omg. & whatever that I didn't learn last year. So hopeless hahaha. My To-Do list's really long sigh. Okay enough sighing it's supposed to be quite a happy post cus today is quite a chill day hahaha.

On a random note, my lappy is 3 years old going 4 this year!!! How time flies. Macbook once this bids farewell to me? But I can't really bear to part w this >< & on a happier note, I AM GOING TO BANGKOK NEXT WEEK FOR MY SUPER JUNIOR <3<3<3 Only thing I'm looking forward to. Not exactly looking forward to seeing Sam again during my holidays sigh. I know my life isn't that sad. I have great company and presence in my life. But sometimes I can't help but think why couldn't it just all stay the same without changing. I don't discriminate change but this change.. it's killing me :/

Shall take things easy tonight hahaha. At least I don't have to go for cross country tmr. Thank god. So glad I don't have to see Sam they all after 12 tmr ^^ happy hahaha. So anyway I am surviving! Hope this strength carries on till A levels. Lets do it!!!

Off to bathe now! Then come back and tumblr a bit first then finish up Chem tutorial! Tata! :)

Yihui <3

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