2012-03-18, 9:36 p.m.

Okay just a quick one!

So we're back from Bangkok! Early this morning actually. Left my phone at their airport but got a call just now saying they found it so we're gonna collect it tmr. Thank God. Really All's well ends well!

So what've we been up to. Super Junior Super Show 4 World Tour in Bangkok!!! On the 16th and 17th March! The concert's still ongoing there and I can completely imagine the screams and fanservice going on there now and I am feeling quite sian but 做人要知足!Found my phone and had two amazing nights with Suju, I should be happy and contented :) Not only that, we managed to snap three polaroids with them this time! 2 with Ryeowook & 1 with Donghae!! <3 Ryeowook actually remembered us on the second day!! He gave us the "You two are here again??" look hahaha! HE'S SO CUTE NOW THAT WE MANAGED TO LOOK AT HIM SO CLOSELY GOSH. & all of them ALL OF THEM NEED TO STOP MESSING WITH MY BIAS LIST HAHAHA. Henry actually said hi to me when he left the hotel yesterday!! Cus I was the only one looking out of the window at him while he was getting into his van, so when he turned he caught my eye and I mouthed "Henry!" & he smiled and waved at ME and ME ONLY. Godddd. & Donghae really killed me. ALthough he was hesitating for a really long time, he took our camera eventually and fanserviced us ^^ both nights, equally magical.

Thank you SuJu, for the two great shows :) & we left fanmails in their rooms LOL. That was quite funny hahaha. But yup overall, had a great time watching them. OMG AND HOW COULD I FORGET THIS: WE GYMMED TOGETHER WITH SIWON LOLOL. Omggg :) that was epic. He was wearing a black beanie and basketball pants and doing pull-ups! Although I didn't get many glimpses of him, the feeling of being in the same gym as him was awesome. Gymming had never been that fun and untiring :) Sapph said his dimples kept coming out whenever he pulled himself up hahaha. Must be so cute :)

Alright, it's time to sleep!! Had pathetic amount of sleep last night. Term two starts tmr, hope it starts on a good note! Then again, nothing's as good as Super Junior :) wish I was going for SS4 everyday! Now that they gave me such magical memories, school's gonna be like Heaven falling to hell. If it was Stnicks it wouldn't be that bad. But it's CJ. Sigh.

Ohwell it's meant to be a happy post! Proud to be an elf <3 cried on both nights during Our Love.. 6 years of us. That fan project was incredible. & I cried on the first night of Walkin'. I know it's supposed to be a happy song but somehow when I saw them all walking together and the sun setting behind them.. it was like all of them, walking together towards an end. It was a happy end though, not one that hinted sadness. But as Teukkie says, it's an AND not an END.

G'night world! ^^

Yihui <3

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