2013-01-17, 1:26 a.m.

First post of 2013! And it's been over half a month gosh.

So what do I really want to post about.. Not too sure also. Japan trip was a blast but finding out halfway that my sis ditched Chouyong was a bit depressing and mood-spoiler. Oh well. That Ronald can continue to try buying me over with food. Felt quite sad for him. And I still do.. But it's awkward for me to ask him anything about it also.. Life is so hard. Lolol.

Getting irritated with life recently. Everything pisses me off. My body, my friends, just everything. Friends who've been there for me whenever they can.. Sigh. I don't know. Sometimes the way they think and say get me so speechless. We're 18 going 19.. But sometimes the things they say don't even sound like what nine year olds'd say. Really at a loss for reply sometimes.. Is it cus there's a >20 year old soul in my body. But Sapph said my face looks like one that 还没见世面.. she probably doesn't know the buckets of tears I've cried over the past few years at night. Just because our mom doesn't have a go at me for the same reason as her.. she thinks I'm happy with everything I guess. Nothing to be discontented with. Which is true in a way. I AM very blessed, I admit, in many ways. Then again, Man is greedy. Sigh so depressing. Lolol.

On a happier note.. Starting Pilates on Friday! Hope I stick with it. & when I finally get out of the house.. I should go get a new piercing (my 3rd omg.), sign up for gym membership.. sign up for volunteer services too. AND LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE. Maybe I should contact Uncle Hoekiat too. And go do some interning lol.

Been feeling a bit off colour these few days. Think cus I've been sleeping too much. Super lethargic and just feeling so unwell. Dinner tonight with sissy made it better though. ^^ who says medicine's everything!

Hope Saturday will be a blast with Cal and co.. hope I don't feel annoyed with them ><

hui <3

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