2014-01-05, 6:14 p.m.

Firstly, happy new year folks! It's a new year and I think I started mine off a great drama!

Just done with I Hear Your Voice (thanks to Lex's recommendation) and I have to say it's possibly one of the better dramas I've watched in a while. It's truly a worthwhile drama that I've learnt loads from. One of the more memorable quotes I'll always remember now, probably, is 'Once a person is born into this world, one life is hardly enough to live loving people.' So don't live hating. And the people who treat you badly, it's because they're jealous of you. Therefore don't go hating them; instead pity them and feel sorry for them. Strangely enough, it's something I always knew, but this show portrayed this so vividly, it's left a lasting impression. Somehow right after watching this, I feel like I can let a lot more things go.

I was always pretty sure that I looked up to my sis more than anyone else in this world. Now I'm not so sure. I refuse to be someone so caught up with hoarding money and losing things that can't be bought with money in the process. If she wants the money then so be it. Don't know why I feel like age is catching up with me so quickly. Feeling tired to go and club, feeling tired to determine who's right and who's wrong in an argument, feeling tired to hang out with people I once used to look forward to meeting, feeling tired of life in general. But I guess once one manages to look beyond the ugly in this world, it's less tiring to live. There's no end to flipping old accounts. If everything has to be calculated so accurately so that the nett reception and contribution is 0, I'd rather be that person whose reception goes into negative just to shut everyone up. I hope to be able to be someone who can give out of goodness and selflessness instead of calculating what I can get out of it. Think I've got a long way to go but oh well, keep working at it and I think I'll be able to break down that wall if I can't climb over it.

Been a long post, just feeling like there's so much this drama has taught me in a span of five days. The difference it can make to someone's life if only someone else listened.. Another resolution in 2014 too. To listen.

I shall sign off here. Lets move on from 2013!


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