2014-02-20, 2:51 p.m.

Oh brilliant! Now I can post on my Chrome on this lappy yay!

So anyway. It's been a while since I posted! February is ending my goodness. Time really flies. Meanwhile I have no idea what I have done with my February hmm. But latest updates include me lagging behind school work (as usual), being selectively anti-social (haha), pigging out loads, somewhat having a lack of sleep, and twisting my ankle. Thankfully there's no fracture so it doesn't have to be in a cast. And yes truth be told, I am counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars as I type. I fell on a flight on a stairs and could have proceeded to fell down the stairs but I didn't. All that happened was I twisted it and landed on my butt on the second step so I only sustained a couple of bruises here and there. I'm going to have to rest for a few days but it should be fine. Felt ever so blessed to have my sister send me to the doctor and all and my helper to wash my hair and basically allow me to scream for her almost 24/7 haha. I have friends who worried and wished me a speedy recovery. OH how could I forget! I met a really kind soul who offered me a lift home at the overhead bridge when I fell hahahahha. Yes I took a stranger's car because I was in pain and wasn't thinking straight I guess. Hahaha but yes, I am infinitely blessed! He said it was my lucky day and looked at my ankle and hurriedly went "Okay shit I didn't mean it that way." Hahahaha but I guess I was really lucky. It could've been worse, I could've sat there by myself without anyone offering their help for the next ten minutes and so on. But I choose to see the beauty in life and I do think that my life is beautiful. Am even more so convinced after the fall two days ago :)

So people, love yourselves, love the people around you, love your life. You only get one shot at it. Don't let it be filled with regrets. Every day I hope I can say thanks and with love to the people who matter to me :) came across this beautiful quote just now that really tugged at my heartstrings.

"the night sky is the greatest, infinite unknown, but it�s there that the stars collide and align and orchestrate, and it�s only when we stumble, fall, and gaze upwards that we can see it." -Brianna West

Somehow it felt like I could really relate to it after Tuesday's mishap. Thanks Brianna, for using the aptest of words to describe this inexplicable feeling.

Shall start on work real soon. Cheers to life!


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