2007-10-19, 8:55 p.m.


Haven't been posting, cus it's been happyhappy stuff happening. But I read someone's blog yesterday, and I felt nothing. Loved that feeling. At least I don't feel hurt or happy. That's when I knew I could finally get over it.

Ashley called me a bfh- bitch from hell. Or a bfl- bitch for life. I prefer the first; sounds nicer. (:

I think I was really such an idiot, to cry over her words. She still had a place in my friendship list, so I really really regarded her as a friend- at that time. But now, I've totally forgotten about her. I will treat it as if she never appeared in my life. Never. Guess she won't mind. Haha. She always said that she despises liars, and since I am one to her, she'll despise me naturally, so I don't think she'll mind much to not have a liar as a friend. Haha. Hope I got that sentence structure right.

She gave me a pig last year, along with a birthday card. Although the birthday card wasn't bought or anything, it was plain but it contained her handwriting. The pig, I don't think she knows that I've been sleeping with it ever since she gave it to me on that day. I named it Kuchiki, but I renamed it Ashley. Now, I think I'll name it Kuchiki again, & I will treat it as if I bought that myself. As for that card, I'm still debating whether to keep it as a memory, or to just dump it into the bin. I can somehow imagine her reaction if she were to see this post. She'd probably think something like "Aiyo, she want to throw then she throw la. It's none of my business also." Well, probably something like that.

She knows about my multiply link, though I don't know HOW. Someone probably told her but I don't who is that Someone. Haiyo. Anyway, just decided that I won't post anything there from now on; it's too risky. So I will post it in here. Happy & non-happy stuff! (: And there's a pass for this, so they can't get in. Haha. !! :DD

Alright! I will make up my mind on tuesday whether to tear that piece of card or not. I think the answer will be.. yes.. though.

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