2007-10-24, 7:19 p.m.

Went to kampong glam / gelam today. When we first entered the auditorium, I was tearing. I don't know why, it just came down by itself. Shermaine, chermin and elisa saw, but they probably will shut up. -.-

Everything seemed the same; the house, the old 7-11, zubir said, EVERYTHING, and yet something was different. The mood, the people I went with, the emotions etc. Hope it wasn't too obvious that I was emo. )"

I heard something about third eye too. Elisa, sam and sherylynn were talking about it.. Have a pretty good guess who they were talking about though.. Lol.

Wished I'd never said I got that. Shouldn't have said it out loud anyway. Wtf. -.- attracted so much attention. Should have just shut up for my own good. -.- Then won't have so many problems too. OHWHATTHEFUCK. I am so freakin pissed. With myself, duh.

Elisa has 3 people jioing her. Haha. And she came to me again. Sometimes, there's this hesitation in me, whether to help her or not. It's as if she turns to you whenever she needs help or something, then dumps you aside when she's done with you. Any idea how painful that is? Don't think she gets it; she thinks it's minor. You settle it but you don't get to eat the fruit of it. It's sad. So sometimes I wonder if I should help her or not.. Pretty confusing.. But the way she puts it, makes it hard for me to reject her. Very hard in fact. It's this thing about her, that's why I'm so HESITANT. Ohmy. >< someone tell me what to do! T.T

It's thursday tmr. Another 'O' level marking day. Can sleep latelate tonight . (: Hope we're going borders tmr.. Take my mind off certain stuff..

I certainly hope I won't be involved with any of elisa's business. Like personally, still alright. Never with her church friends. That was how I got to know tianyong anyway. If it wasn't for her, I'd never have known him. Wished I'd never. -.- it was a bad experience.

Oh, someone tell me what to do. ><

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