2007-10-26, 9:42 p.m.

YAY! FINALLY THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! WOOSH! I've been waiting for this day for dunno how long alr, NOW IT'S FINALLY THE DAY! -.-!

I think that was so lame. -.-

Alright! So what with tests over && the hols arriving so quickly, the next thing to worry about is my cip hours! It's so worrying; I only have 9.5h.!! Wth!! Mag accumulated 48.5 alr. -.- Screw that girl. Lol. Anyway, I NEED TO WORK HARD!

Shall do 9h of shelving + 6h of storytelling; that gives me 15h. Oh well, at least I can catch up a little. Not too bad after all. 0.o

Last day of school was not exactly enjoyable. Cus' it meant not seeing my beloved friends for another whole 2 months.!! And who knows if we'd be in the same class next year.. It'd be good if I was with:

YUP. I think that's about it. But .:ELAINETAN.: is so not gonna be in the same class as me. )" she's been invited to sports class. SAD. I love her loads; she's so nice, so sweet. SIGGHHH. The others.. I just hope we're lucky && fated enough to be in the same class again next year! ><

I wanna see ELISALIMSHIEN everyday; so that she can cheer me up everyday! Everytime I go to school, I get that super sian mood, cus of You-know-who, yeah and then she'll keep talking about her church friends and their stupid incidents which will take my mind off those things. But I STRONGLY SUSPECT, if I say it out, they'll just think I'm mad over her or obsessed with her or something. But it's the truth man. -.- they just wanna think differently. Oh whatever. But I DOOOO wanna see SHERMAINE && CHERMIN TOO ! AND NERNER! So that we can talk about YYSJY together! Omgosh that show's the best show I've ever watched in my life before. xDD! So far at least. =P

Yep, think that's about it. Ohyeah! Cheryl, yvette && I were talking about GIRLS STUFF in the dance studio today! Premarital sex and everything. They share in my views too. Yay. (: At least I know there are still people who are against the idea of premarital sex. YAY! (:
Ohyes, I nearly forgot to mention. MANYMANYMANY THANKS TO THEM for helping me out today! Private note to the both of them: you know what I'm talkin' about. xD I owe them both either a drink or ice cream. Lolol~ just as long as it's not too ex. Hehe.

I'm waiting for 12am to hurry && come so that I can sms chermin happy birthday! Hahaha! I know how sweet it is to have someone sms when it's your birthday sharp. Hahaha. xD Oh well, since I'm alr here, HAPPY 2h 13th ADVANCED BIRTHDAY TO CHERMINTANJIAMIN! (:
I mean, at least I went through that before. Someone smsed me happy birthday when I was in australia this june. That was so awfully sweet! I mean, he knew I was in australia, but he still specially sent me that message to wish me a happy birthday! He still said "Nvm about the sms cost. Hope you have a happy birthday and enjoy yourself there!" That was so decent of him. There was nothing I could say at all? But the moment I landed in singapore a few days later, I replied a thankyou message to him. (: thanks tianyong.

ALRIGHT. Shall think about what to do for the next 2h.. In the end I still didn't manage to touch the piano today. SAD. )" luckily I touched it for 5mins in school. Hehe. Practised a BIT. xDD but since I'm gonna rot at home tmr, I might as well just practise tmr. Hahaha. :DD hope I go east coast though.. Haven't been there in a longlonglong time..!!

Okok, this is getting boring, I know. GOODNIGHT ALL! <333 you guys out there!

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