2007-10-29, 2:03 a.m.


Today was actually OKAY, but it had to be NOT okay when I got back home at 12.
My mum asked me about the set of keys the moment I stepped into the house. I kinda automatically answered "Yeah, I brought it home." Then, what the heck, I thought about it as I entered the kitchen, looked at the dead cockroach for a little while, stepped into the bathroom and washed my feet, then I thought that 'ohmygosh, I think I left it at the letterbox. -.-' I was like omgwtf. Then shit la. Wth. Then for a while I kept trying to THINK THINK THINK, BUT IT DIDN'T COME TO ME. Sadly. )" My sis tried to go through it with me, but it didn't really work. Thanks to her though. <33 (:

So she came out with me && told my mum about it. Then my mum was like WHATTHEF**K. -.- Then she talktalktalk, and then mentioned the fact that if you closed the letterbox, you should have taken the key out with it also. WHICH MEANS IT SHOULDN'T BE THERE. -.- So I'm kinda puzzled where the bloody thing is. But I need to find it soon..!! Otherwise we'd have to change the locks soon. AHHHHH. ><

So now, I don't know where the key is too. I seem to remember bringing up, yet seem to think that no, I didn't. It's so frustrating cus' you really can't decide. -.-

BUt other than that, had Jack'sPlace for dinner. ^^ Yay, haven't been there for an awfully long time. :DD Then went to watch 'Brothers' at hub. Wasn't such a good show apparently, but there were a few funny parts. ^^ I'd rate it C+ overall. Yep, chinese show btw. -.- I thought it was an english show. DOTS. That was lame; sis was laughing at me until the show started. Ragh.

Yup, okay I think that's about it. ^^ Shall post soon again next time ! :DD

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