2007-11-01, 7:46 p.m.

TODAY HAS BEEN- EVENTFUL, with Shermaine getting a blister and me getting, A BLISTER TOO. Didn't realise until now. -.- cus just noticed that it POPS. Wtf, how I wear heels tmr. Siannn..

Okay, here's a recount of what happened today..

I went to school for 45mins, then I went to work with Shermaine. Headed over to the tuition centre to see what they had for us. So we were supposed to give out 250 leaflets && 100 leaflets of a different content to parents at Mayflower Primary. We WALKED there. Gosh. Walked. Can you imagine that? I think we walked 20mins, WITH THE 350 PIECES OF PAPER ON OUR HANDS. Tell you, I think our qiu was gonna break. -.-

So we reached. School hadn't ended for them, so we just hung around, smsing. Then, I started getting bitten by mosquitoes. WTH. Okay fine, so I waited, then gave some to those parents alr waiting, and to the security guard. Then the security guard was telling me all about himself. -.- his previous job was also a tuition teacher etc. Okay fine, I didn't mind that at all.

Then I noticed, all the parents were waiting in their cars, so it didn't quite make sense for me to go to their cars and pass it to them, so I just left them alone. And Ms Lim said don't give it to the kids since they'll just throw it away or something. -.- So I was left with a HUGE stack when we left.

So we walked back to the tuition centre with a bubble tea drink in our hands. BOught it before we left, so the journey back was not quite as bad. Then Ms Lim said she had another assignment for us to do- giving out at condos. But if you were caught for trespassing, that'd be simply WONDERFUL. So we gave that idea up. Went to give it at HDBs instead. So we covered 615, 616, 617, 618 && 619. AND THE 350 PIECES WASN'T GIVEN OUT YET. T.T

So we went back to slack && rot until 6.05? Then we were supposed to go to Mayflower AGAIN, but for another half an hour only. Then before that Ms Lim said Mr Kwang could give us a ride, but turned out that he was still at Bedok at 6.05, so we made our own way there.

Then nerner came in the afternoon when we went back and she told us there was a shortcut from the tuition centre to Mayflower Primary. You only have to cut through AngMoKio park, then it's somewhere there. So we went through AngMoKio park since we thought we were very late alr. THEN. We lost our way. DAmmit. So from there, we didn't know how to go, and we were in the mist of so many terrace houses. So we called Cynthia && asked if we could just drop it in the terrace houses lettterbox. She said okay, so we finished it there. LIKE FINALLY.

THen guess what. We went there at 12+, left there at 7, and we get paid $10 WHEN IT'S $5 PER HOUR. WHATTHEHELL LA.

Which is why, I am so never gonna work there again. So bui hua la. Then the qiu and the ka gonna break le lor, and we're paid only $10.


OOOH. I forgot one very important point. I wanted to shit when we were giving out the flyers door to door, and I couldn't. That pain was like, owwww. AND.
I got bitten by a red ant. Rahhh.


SEEING A DOCTOR TMR AT MOUNT E HOSPITAL. (: GET TO GO ORCHARD.. YAY! :DD Shall buy that pair of heels I so dearly wanted ! (: hope mummy will buy it for me though.. It's less than one inch. -.-

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